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We are building a lifestyle brand community for people to connect to people who share the same walks of life during their moment of need. Our lives change with every traumatic event and we need emotional support. Society and Religion have taught us to believe that if we make a commitment to someone we can never seek emotional support from another human being. If we make a commitment and our emotional, psychological and physical needs aren't being fulfilled by our partner, family or friends, we are shamed if we betray them to seek out the support we need.

We believe everyone needs to be able to find that friend who can tell them their stories to help them get through their ordeal without feeling like their phone call is a burden. Therapy is great, but we want to hear people who have had our same experiences tell us that they understand. We want to feel like we've been there too. We need that friend that doesn't want to hang up the phone after 11 hours...yes, while creating Modern Material that actually happened. Most importantly we want to teach everyone that it's okay to have friends that come and go. You can't expect your best friend or spouse to love all of the same activities, share the same values, have the same passion and have experienced the same traumas in life. If you feel empty, emotionally void, unappreciated, humiliated, shamed, heartbroken, bored or alone, all you need is one friend to fulfill whatever it is you are looking for to help you live another day.

I want to talk about it but I just can't talk about it. I've had serious thoughts of killing myself tonight. I wish I could stop this from happening. I wish I could get it out of my head but it won't go away. That's why I'm pushing the girls out of my life. If I would ever do it I don't want them to get hurt. Promise me you won't tell. I've told my dad and sister so probably the whole damn family knows. There really is no one I can talk to. I wish I had someone older. Someone who has been here.

Stephanie Kane to Aimee Skyler in their 1998 / 1999 Journal


Modern Material is inspired by true stories and told In Character. Our stories do not use real names and the content is altered to protect identities. Only those who lived the truth will know if a Character or storyline is based on them, but society won't be able to judge their book by it's cover and assign a label to their identity. We will set the framework by providing a character profile and storyline arc for your experiences and dialog to be written into our screen play. While the story is being written, the cast and crew will be auditioning for roles.

The first season of Modern Material will be told by Aimee Skyler Whitman who is about to turn 40 and takes place in Los Angeles during present day. Her dreams were about to come true when everything she built came crashing down. One of her best friends took his life when he was 39 and she did everything she could to make herself believe his death didn't impact her, knowing he was leaving behind his wife and two pre-teen daughters. Aimee's marriage of 17 years is burdened by a mother and father who are 17 years older and grieving for their son who died by suicide when he was 17. While trying to cope with two suicides, the story will flash back to Aimee's life in Columbus, Ohio where she was questioned by police in her bedroom in 1999 when she found them looking for a suicide letter after her roommate was rushed to the hospital. Aimee kept a journal with her best friend Stephanie Kane and swore her secrets to the grave. She was just 19 and didn't realize her promise could literally mean life or death.


Our Characters are based on real life people, places and experiences. Names and storylines have been slightly altered to provide privacy and protect identities. Modern Material will provide the framework for each Character and storyline but it is up to our members to share their material for our moderators to select for each chapter and season of Modern Material. 

We want to provide a safe place for people to have honest, genuine discussions without their Character being judged and assassinated. We believe if more kids, teenagers and adults can find a person to talk to without fear they will be ridiculed, seen as weak, unstable or a burden, there will be less people struggling with depression. All we really need is one true friend, mentor or stranger who can tell us they understand what we are going through. Someone who can give us a little hope and a reason to keep living. A light at the end of the tunnel and the motivation to wake up with something to look forward to. It can be as simple as going to a concert on Saturday with a new friend you met online instead of being left out of the party all of your friends are attending.


"Find a Character you can relate to who doesn't need to be there for life but their story can help you save your life."


"Become a part of My Story by giving me advice and sharing your experience with me, my friends and family. "



The Story of Modern Material begins in a computer lab in 1996 where 17 year old Aimee Skyler begins communicating with a 24 year old college student who just proposed to his girlfriend a few weeks after he kissed her at a party. Her new boyfriend, Chad Lyons, just left for college 8 hours away and he isn't able to dedicate enough time to their long distance relationship. Desperate for someone to love, she finds herself caught up in an adult situation with Scott Whitman with that turns suicidal when the secret gets out to his fiancé Shannon Anderson. Aimee's best friends began to shame her for getting involved with Scott and her boyfriend's best friend called her to convince her he was a cheater, turning his friends against him. She had a countdown to June 23, 1998, the day she could move to Columbus, Ohio and begin her adult life, free from rules and free from judgement.  What happened in Bluestone, stayed in Bluestone. In 1998 you had to know someone's address and new phone number if you wanted to find them.

Our Online Community will allow users to login as a Character to begin discussing topics. Blog stories will provide links to a discussion thread while covering important issues such as suicide or sharing music and lyrics that resonate with our Character's mood and experiences. Our hope is our community will begin to build a destination for people to seek emotional support not attention or validation through likes.


All roles in our series production and brand development will be hosted as a competition. Members will raise money by selling curated Wardrobes and branded merchandise. Winners of challenges will receive compensation or equity shares in the brands or companies they help build with their creative talent.

Once enough capital is raised we will begin production of the series with filming in Los Angeles, Columbus, and rural Ohio where the story takes place.

Sara Phillipps
Travel blogger based in Oakland, California.

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