PILOT PART 1: The Next Generation of Music + Style

PILOT PART 1: The Next Generation of Music + Style



Season One of Modern Material begins with a Trade War between Fame + Fortune as the new fashion start-up threatens to topple the misogynistic music industry with their materialistic values. Music is priceless but it's worthless if there isn't a price to pay for it. Consumers would rather spend $0.99 on a bottle of water that will live in a landfill than on a song that will define their lives forever. 15 minutes of fame is easy to find but making a fortune in the digital world of oversaturated content is impossible unless you can sustain a brand the Millennial generation will still care about next season. The new Mad Men are the Wonder Women who have turned Art into Commerce with their collaborative lifestyle brand community called Modern Material.

The concept is simple. Fashion, beauty and consumer brands will become Brand Members of Modern Material, an online destination for customers shop curated wardrobes from artists + actors. Anything that is seen on stage or screen can be purchased or pre-ordered from their shop on Modern Material.

The music industry is struggling to survive with $9.99 per album sales being swallowed up by $9.99 streaming fees for all the music in the universe distributed by tech companies like Spotify, iTunes, YouTube and Amazon. According to industry reports in 2018, the artists who create music only saw 12% of the $43 Billion that was generated from on-demand streams, CD sales, radio play, live events, and advertising. Only $5 Billion was paid out to the artists who make the music we listen to for free or a small fee. 

The old school boys club in the music business is about to get schooled when the Modern Material girls in the fashion + beauty business teach them a lesson about how real money is made. Last year the US Apparel industry generated $350 Billion while the music merchandising business reportedly earns $3 Billion in tour t-shirt sales. The top earning lifestyle brand in the United States was Nike with $33 Billion in annual sales, almost as much as the entire music industry's revenue combined. Top grossing pop star in 2019 was Taylor Swift with $266 Million generated from her Reputation Stadium Tour while Jessica Simpson's fashion brand has been generating $1 Billion annually since 2011.

To make sure nobody can step on their toes, the boys created what is known as a 360 Deal. Major record labels offer an artist an advance (investment) into their career in exchange for a cut of their merchandise, endorsements and ticket sales. They didn't account for the fact that women would rather spend their money on pretty shoes than an expensive cheap t-shirt. Hollywood better watch out because there are new Mad Men in town and they call themselves the Wonder Women from Columbus, OH.




Music mogul, Benjamin Christian, just launched Millennial Music Global, a corporate merger & acquisitions of all 4 remaining major record labels, independent labels, ticketing outlets, management firms and merchandising companies to vertically integrate the entire music business. They have hired the best tech engineers in Silicon Valley to compete with the tech giants so users will eventually shift their loyalty over to an artist friendly platform where money goes into the pockets of the people needed to write, create and produce music and videos not middlemen to market and distribute music. MMG's app has integrated streaming, video, social media, photo sharing, lyric archives, ticketing and artist merch stores in into a single, convenient location for music fans to connect to all music related material. The company expects to do about $30 Billion annually when all is said and done.

In 2019 Millennial Music Global began breaking a new artist they are branding as Willa West. Jamie Williams signed a 7 year contract with a 12 month "Grace Period" to make sure the company is the right fit for her career. If she can pay back her $1,500,000 advance + 100% Return on Investment within 12 months she can break MMG's new version of a 360 deal and be in complete creative control of her career. If she fails to repay their investment her 7 year contract will be binding.

Willa's no dumb blonde. She knows the influence her music and beauty blogs have on her fans on YouTube but she still needs a fortune to go with her fame. She just so happens to know people who know how to make money selling more than music.

Little does the music industry know that the grass was always greener on the other side.


Fashion designer Mackenzie Mitchell just relaunched Modern Material, an online retailer marketed by music + entertainment clients. The new business concept pairs the image influence and market reach of recording artists who are touring the world with the consumer's need to buy more than an expensive cheap souvenir t-shirt they will never wear. Anything seen in a on stage or screen can be purchased on Modern Material from a music video, tour wardrobe, television show or movie. The company's fashion buyers will be working with wardrobe stylists, set designers and hair + makeup artists to sell everything used by an artist on stage or actor on set.

The Wonder Women test their concept with their own star, beauty blogger Jamie Williams, whose beauty blog, Song + Siren by Jamie Williams features her signing while doing her makeup every morning on YouTube. Her friends Maxwell Martin + James Christian from the music industry invited her to go on tour with Maxwell in 2016 to help him rebrand his career. Maxwell never recovered from his arrests and stint in rehab after his hit song Trainwreck turned him into a trainwreck when the fame + fortune did the devil's deed.

After the 2016 tour with Maxwell, Jamie's own star was rising and Millennial Music Global offered her a contract to record 3 full albums under the stage name Willa West.

While MMG is building Willa's brand, she has 12 months to pursue opportunities of her own before her contract to be owned by Millennial Music Global is binding. Realizing the potential to capitalize on Jamie William's new found fame, Mackenzie Mitchell develops a merchandising and marketing plan for her 2020 World Tour to compete with MMG's merchandising business. The Wonder Women believe Willa West can rival Kylie Jenner's billion dollar cosmetics brand by the end of 2020 by marketing and selling Willa's Wardrobe from the Tour Bus Boutique.

Mackenzie Mitchell's team comes from major brands and retailers including Nike, Victoria's Secret, Express, Lane Bryant, Bath & Body Works, Abercrombie & Fitch, American Eagle, The Gap, Target, Nordstrom, Walmart and dozens more retailers. The US Apparel Market is estimated to be worth $348 Billion and the US Beauty + Personal Care Market brought in $76.6 Billion, beating out the Music Industry by $378 Billion Dollars. 

The Business Insider listed the top US brand and retailers Annual Sales in 2019:

10.$5.5 Billion Tapestry - Coach, Kate Spade Stuart Weitzman

 9.$6.1 Billion Burlington Stores

 8.$8.9 Billion PVH - Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, and Heritage Brands

 7. $12.3 Billion VF - Vans, Timberland, The North Face

 6. $12.6 Billion L Brands - Victoria's Secret, Bath & Body Works, & La Senza

 5.$14.1 Billion Ross Stores

 4. $15.5 Billion Nordstrom

 3. $15.9 Billion Gap Inc. - Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Athleta

 2. $35.3 Billion Nike

 1.$35.9 Billion TJX Companies - TJ Maxx and Marshalls


Willa West + The Lucky Stars new music video, City of Angels + Demons, gets 50 million views only earning $34,500 in streaming royalties in 2019. The team at Millennial Music Global must work on building their marketing and merchandising plan to capitalize on the success of the new single.

Benjamin Christian's oldest son, Thomas Christian, Chief Financial Officer of MMG, projects sales for Willa West's tour in 2020 to total $92,034,500 dollars during a 12 month period ranking her among the top grossing tours being projected for the year. Her sold out arena tour for 2020 generates $80,000,000 in ticket sales and MMG estimates she can average $15 per head at 40 shows seating 20,000 people for an additional $12,000,000 in merchandise sales in 2020.

In October 2019 a board meeting at Millennial Music Global is called to discuss Willa's tour merchandising business two months before the first date in January. They need to get graphics approved to print on t-shirts, hoodies, tote bags, water bottles, and other mass produced souvenirs and place an order no later than 3 weeks before the tour begins. Millennial Music Global's Director of Merchandising, Brooklyn Rosenthal, begins passing around print outs with design options for approvals. They have samples of  t-shirts and hoodies that cost approximately $2.00 to $5.00 per unit and they plan on selling them for $35 to $55 on tour. Keychains will cost $0.50 per unit and retail for $15.00, coffee mugs cost $0.75 per unit and retail for $14.99, water bottles cost $1.99 and retail for $24.99 and a canvas tote will cost $2.50 and retail for $22.50.

Twenty minutes late to the meeting, Willa West comes strolling in with an armful of shopping bags. Prada, Gucci, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Victoria's Secret, Cartier, Christian Louboutin, and more. She's wearing sunglasses and a hat with white gloves and a pencil skirt, reminiscent to Julia Robert's character in Pretty Woman.

"Hey, remember me? You wanted me to sign a merch deal that says Millennial Music Merchanidse is the only company allowed to produce and sell my tour merchandise?? Big mistake. HUGE. Well, my fans have to go shopping," Willa flicks a plastic card at Benjamin Christian who is sitting at the head of the conference table in the Century City high-rise overlooking Beverly Hills. It falls in his lap and he picks it up after she sets down a check for $3,000,000 and prances out of the room.

One side of the card has an image of a pink Cassette Tape labeled Willa West.  The other side has a promotion that says: Spend $75 on Willa's Wardrobe and get a free pair of shades to go with your favorite shade of lip gloss.


In April 2020 Willa West becomes the first recording artist in the history of the music business to generate $150 per head in merchandising sales during the first leg of her sold out 2020 World Tour. Fans were lined up for hours to view the Tour Bus Boutique store windows while it was parked outside each arena. Each stop gave her fans an exclusive promo code to make pre-orders and purchases from Willa's Wardrobe online.

With 50 dates scheduled in 20,000 seat arenas for the Modern Material Tour Bus Boutique, a brick & mortar pop-up shop collaboration in Victoria's Secret Stores, and exclusive online flash sales during her reality show, Willa's Wardrobe is on track to generate $1 Billion in gross annual sales online + on tour by the end of 2020. Willa's contract with Millennial Global was paid off and she now anticipates earning 20% of sales generated by Willa's Wardrobe which could potentially bring in $200 Million annually. 

The sudden spike in revenue sales generated by a pop star is about to create a deadly Trade War in Hollywood when the power previously held by men is taken over by women who run a fashion retail store for artists and actors to maintain financial control of their career. All they have to do is wear the clothing fashion brands will be selling next season and their fans can shop their curated wardrobe on Modern Material.

There are no investors in Modern Material, a woman owned + operated company that only takes a 5% sales commission from anything sold in a client's curated online shop. Marketing rates are negotiated with the artist, actor, model, athlete, celebrity or influencer prior to the release of the products they will be wearing, using or promoting on tour or on camera. All merchandise will be purchased through a single, convenient online destination and drop shipped by vendors.




 Alexandra Martiniqué, Director of Fashion Merchandising, is projecting $750,000,000 million in gross sales following the completion of her 2020 World Tour Bus Boutique, collaboration with Victoria's Secret Stores and online store sales on Modern Material. Vendors will receive the wholesale price plus the costs to fulfill and drop ship orders placed on Modern Material. After projecting sales for Willa West's 2020 World Tour in each category, Alexandra distributes a P&L report to Mackenzie, James and Thomas Christian.


Gross Sales: $350,000,000 | Cost of Goods: $175,000,000 | Operating / Marketing Costs: $87,500,000 | Profit: 87,500,000



Gross Sales: $225,000,000 | Cost of Goods: $125,000,000 | Operating / Marketing Costs: $62,500,000 | Profit: $62,500,000



Gross Sales: $170,435,000 | Cost of Goods: $85,217,500 | Operating / Marketing Costs: $42,608,750 | Profit: $42,608,750


Gross Sales: $5,000,500 | Cost of Goods: $175,000,000 | Operating / Marketing Costs: $87,500,000 | Profit: 87,500,000


GROSS SALES: $750,435,700

COST OF GOODS: $385,217,500

MARKETING COSTS: $280,108,750

MM PROFIT: $280,108,750

Thomas Christian thinks it is a joke. Where he comes from it takes years for a new artist to break $50 Million and the most money an artist has ever generated "per head" was Taylor Swift who earns about $17 in merch revenue at each show. Modern Material is estimating $150 per head?

"You're kidding, right?" Thomas laughs and looks at the women like they are crazy.

"No, not really. In fact we think we are playing it safe but we don't want to jump the gun. Willa West has sold out 50 arenas. Those are customers we can guarantee will want to buy something. Some of them might only spend $10 on a tube of lip gloss and some of them might spend $5,000 on Gucci and Prada handbags," Alexandra explains.

The revenue from Jamie's Beauty Blog and brand sponsors allow her to pay back MMG's investment of $3,000,000 before the tour begins. After her investment is recouped by Modern Material's Brand Members,  Jamie will receive a 20% sales commission from anything she wears, uses, eats or sits on which could potentially generate $150 Million dollars from Willa's Wardrobe. Jamie will not be bound to any contract with Modern Material once the $3 Million is paid back.





Mackenzie Mitchell graduated from Columbus College of Art & Design in 2003 with a degree in Advertising + Graphic Design. Her dream was to work for a record label designing album covers but when Napster was released Mackenzie knew her future was over. With more than 10,000 digital songs added to her library for free, designing CD covers was no longer a wise career move. Fortunately she was recruited by Bath & Body Works but she wasn't wearing a blue gingham apron and pumping hand lotion into customer hands, she was sitting in a corporate cubical in Reynoldsburg, Ohio designing packaging and accessories for factories in China to produce hundreds of thousands of units. More importantly, she was sitting through monthly sales meetings to discuss profit & loss, something she usually tuned out.

The new fragrance, Japanese Cherry Blossom, was her latest design project but Mackenzie was still a consultant who couldn't get paid benefits or get discounts in store. The job paid ok but when she found out how many millions of dollars per month her designs were selling in stores, Mackenzie started feeling like she deserved a raise or at least a salaried position. She was told there wasn't anything available and the rejection lit a fire.

The 25 year old artist spoke her mind and was told to shut up if she wanted a job, so she listened but learned what she needed to do to start her own business not climb the corporate ladder. Selling music marketing services was no longer a viable business to be in. Selling products customers need or don't have yet was the trick. You could take the same fragrance, formulation, put it into a different package, design a new label and suddenly it was new and worth millions from the same customer who was already a fan. She never saw a dime more than $15 / hour for designing packaging for the best selling fragrance collection in the world. After 5 years she transferred to Victoria's Secret's headquarters across the pond on campus.

Mackenzie started taking notes. One day she wanted to build an empire like multi-billionaire Les Wexner's L Brands in Columbus, Ohio. Les was born to a Jewish family in Dayton, Ohio and became a shopkeeper for his parents clothing store. In 1963 he was loaned $5,000 to start a womens clothing store called The Limited which he opened in the Kingsdale Mall in Upper Arlington, Ohio. Les taught his business practices for selling women's clothing, accessories and beauty products to all of his employees at Limited Brands. Corporate life was not exactly what the artist + former child athlete had in mind but if there was one thing Mackenzie Mitchell was good at was winning. She just wasn't used to winning gold medals to be hung around somebody else's neck on the podium.

Nobody was shopping online unless they were looking for something old or used. If you started an online business it was because you couldn't afford to pay rent so you sold things on EBay. Designing products for Bath & Body Works store shelves was the coolest job a college graduate could land and Mackenzie Mitchell had won CCAD's Annual Victoria's Secret Packaging Design Competition with her Very Sexy Jet Set Collection concept. Flying on the Limited Brands corporate jet between Columbus and New York every week, being chauffeured around in black Cadillacs and staying in posh SoHo hotel rooms was a dream job for any woman. After nearly a decade Mackenzie Mitchell was getting tired of reporting to someone. She was a Material Girl who had to be the FIRST to cross the line. She didn't want to wait around for Les Wexner to sign off on approvals for his company, she wanted to run her own company but she needed a market niche.

While standing in line at the merch table for Madonna's 2012 MDNA Tour in Cleveland, Ohio, Mackenzie and her friends were debating on which t-shirt was the least hideous design. How was it possible that the biggest fashion icon in history was selling nothing but expensive cheap t-shirts no Material Girl would be caught dead wearing? If four females could walk out of a store filled with 20,000 potential customers, empty handed and angry there wasn't anything worthy of spending their money on, that was a multi-billion dollar problem. That night she wanted something to Cherish but she left Like a Virgin.





In June 2005 Mackenzie and her friend Jamie Williams snuck into a party after following Maxwell Martin from his tour bus to an apartment complex across the street. Jamie was a rebellious 17 year old and Mackenzie was a 25 year old married woman but she was totally cool with Jamie's idea. They told everyone from the band and crew in the smoke filled apartment that they knew the guy who lived there. 

"If anyone asks just tell them you're friend's with Joe," Jamie laughed.   

There was too much sex, drugs and rock & roll going on for anyone to care who they were. Mackenzie was such a big fan of Max's that she knew every detail of his life including his manager's name, James Christian, whom she struck up a conversation with about her career at Limited Brands. Like any man, he was intrigued by her description of the Victoria's Secret Headquarters where 30 foot posters of lingerie models lined the walls at the office and a Starbucks was in the lobby of the Ohio campus. Mackenzie's eye sight kept drifting towards Maxwell Martin who was making out with his girlfriend from the Trainwreck video on the sofa. 

Maxwell Martin's career in music was moving quickly towards fame + fortune when his hit song Trainwreck climbed to number eight on the Top 40 chart. She had been voting on VH1's website and emailing hundreds of radio stations to request the song. To Mackenzie Maxwell was a rock star even though nobody really knew who he was yet. She just loved his music so much that she wanted the world to know so she joined his street team to help market the new album.

When she and Jamie snuck into the party he was drunk and coked out but she could sense his internal conflict. The conversation resonated in her soul when she found herself sitting next to him on the sofa after he put on Coldplay's brand new album, X&Y, grabbed a piece of pizza and told everyone thank you for coming to his party, wherever the hell they were. 

"My record label wants me to make a pop record. They have control over everything I say and do. They tell me how to dress and how to style my hair so they can sell more records," Maxwell told her.

"Well you do kinda look like Ryan Cabrera. Did they tell you to copy his look? Did Ashley Simpson's dad tell you to lip sync to those recordings?" Mackenzie laughed. She knew his looping techniques with foot pedals is what built his original fanbase. He'd play a beat on the guitar, record it on a loop, and play it back while he started recording a vocal on a loop. She was obsessed since the first night she saw him perform live in Cleveland 6 months earlier. She thought he was brilliant and wanted the world to know who he was.

Maxwell gave her an evil look and stood up to leave. He didn't like fans who thought he was just another pop star wannabe but Mackenzie had spent months on his trading board, THEMMTB.com and she knew what his fans thought about every detail of his life. The knowledge provided her with the cue cards to con her way though the party like she was a friend not a fan of a pop song.

"I'm totally kidding. I know Ryan opened for you two years ago. He knocked your style off. What a Maxwell wannabe," she said matter of factly.

"You kinda look like Chrissie Hynde,"  he said.

"Hey, she's old!" 25 year old Mackenzie exclaimed, slightly offended.

"A younger version. It's the bangs and the jet black hair. You've got that punk rocker look from the 70's," he backpedaled. "At least you get to decide how to style your hair and shit. This new look and band of mine all feels so fake to me. There's no heart and soul anymore. I can't even play my music like I used to. If I had known what I was signing up for I never would have done it. It's all smoke and mirrors. Total bullshit and I've got 5 more years on my prison sentence to EP Records," Maxwell said as James waved for him to come meet a group of people. "Duty calls."

"I know exactly what you mean. I went to art school but my art is making millions for everyone but me. I just sit in a corporate cubicle all day being told what to design and how to tell factories in China to produce my designs. I guess I'm not a starving artist if that counts for something but the Victoria's Secret models have plenty of money since they starve themselves to look like that. Sex sells, right?" Mackenzie said as Max gave her a hug and kiss on the cheek goodbye.

"Exactly. Especially in this business. Give James your number before you go and let's keep in touch. Maybe there is something we can all do together if you ever design mens clothes. Not sure I'd look good in a bra and panties, but you never know. I need some cool skinny ties if you think of any. That's the look I'm going for. A little more Rat Pack than ragged jeans. We have 4 more shows in the area if you and your friends want to come," Maxwell said as he walked away into the darkness.

Jamie Williams was outside on the balcony talking to James Christian. She was her ticket to keeping their relationship open since she was a married woman. It's not like Maxwell Martin would really call her up but a girl could dream. It was 2am and they still needed to go to work the next day. On their way out to their car James invited them on the tour bus for a tour. How many fans actually get to live the life of hanging out on tour bus after a show? Now that was a lifestyle brand that hadn't been bottled and sold on the market yet.



A video conference team meeting is called at Modern Material where everyone from LA and Columbus join in on the call. After adding up sales projections for dozens of artists at various levels in their career who have at least 20 tours scheduled, Alexandra reports more than $4 Billion in gross annual revenue that could potentially be generated once dozens of recording artists start selling on Modern Material during their world tours. 

"If we collect 5% Sales Commission on $4,000,000,000 it puts us at $200,000,000 with very little operating expenses. All of the money is going out the door to the vendor / brand who is drop shipping the product and the artist who is marketing the merchandise on tour. Right now we just need to operate a website to serve as the Middle Women between music + style. We can start our own private label brands after we have traffic coming to our website. Our focus needs to be on building relationships to connect the product to the consumer," Alexandra explained to the team.

"This is something that has never been done before in the music or entertainment industry. We have been carefully planning our attack for 4 years now, keeping an eye on the shifts in music technology, social media, retail distribution and the Trade War with China. Our team is ready to graduate from the extensive educational development and launch this company. You will all receive a bonus if we meet our sales goal by the end of 2020. It's time the Boys Club gets schooled," Mackenzie Mitchell states with the utmost confidence.

Four years earlier Mackenzie + James Christian's cross-promotional strategy for Modern Material came to a near deadly debate between promoting indie music and producing pop stars when Maxwell Martin's girlfriend, Willa West, generated 100 Million hits while singing during her beauty blog. Willa West was formally known as Jamie Williams, Mackenzie Mitchell's design assistant at Victoria's Secret Beauty. 

Mackenzie and her team were planning great things for their future but instead of being motivated about the potential for the business, her new partner Thomas Christian seemed to be throwing up a roadblock at every turn. It hardly seems like he's an entrepreneur looking to build his own empire. Something wasn't right. Was Thomas helping protect his brother James's ego, broken heart or was their father Benjamin behind the blacklist to keep Mackenzie away from the music business?

She begins digging for dirt on their family history in the music business when she learns music politics don't seem to play in favor of the artists, but unlike her job as a corporate employee, recording artists can't quit their contracts. They often become addicted to drugs, alcohol and die from an overdose or suicide. However it seemed more likely that it was her gender role as a woman that wasn't respected in the misogynistic music business no matter how much money she could make for men.



"I've never heard of a label who doesn't screw the artist. You talk to anybody who audits their label they are always owed money. Usually the label holds back enough money that your cost of auditing is such that you won't do it. That's the business model of screwing the artist."

- Bob Lefsetz | Music Industry Writer

"Their financial practices have been shady since the beginning of time. It's been grandfathered in since the  50's and 60's when Rock & Roll really started.

- Irving Azoff | Artist Manager 

"They've created this strange, convoluted system that you have to be a lawyer to really under understand, or a mathematician. "

- Jared Leto of Thirty Seconds to Mars


Joe Rogan "The record business keeps people in the fold by owning your merchandise and your likeness forever and all these different things. It seems crazy."

"We actually signed a clause and it said 'And this contract pertains to this universe and any universe not yet discovered'"

Joe said, "What?" Billy laughs, "We signed that clause." 

"Who wrote that?" Joe says.   

"The record company.

"Jesus fucking. What are they, Scientology? That's crazy" Joe said

"We literally had to sign a thing that was like "This contract pertains to this known

That is fucking insane. That is insane. Like if someone found a parallel universe out there and figured out they could sell music to them. They haven't heard of the Smashing Pumpkins, get over there quick! Shoot a rocket ship filled with cash over there," Joe laughs.

"You know why they put that in. Because when they transitioned to CDs the contracts didn't account for CDs. And what they did was a very classic thing. They had to go back and renegotiate all the deals because of the CD technology. This would have been what, the 80's? They went back to every artist and said it's this new technology and we aren't sure it is going to work so you've got to take a price cut so we can advance the "new technology"," Billy Corgan said as he calls out the shadiness of the music business.

"Oh Jesus Christ they are dirty," Joe Rogan says of the revelation.

*Skip to 11:00 Minutes in to video to Billy Corgan's description of the music business's Jedi mind tricks.



If Modern Material takes over control of the music business, Mackenzie Mitchell may end up in prison, institutionalized or dead when a twisted murder plot using gaslighting techniques to publicly draw attention to her mental health begin to tear the company apart. At the end of 2020 when Q4 financial reports are about to be released to the employees of Modern Material, Mackenzie issues a Twitter statement to her followers: 

"If I end up dead or arrested, question suspect number one: Benjamin Christian. Clues about his Character can be found on My Modern Material. xo, MM"

At the end of 2020 Mackenzie begins leaving clues about her Character and backstory on a private message forum where people can share their stories without fearing a defamation of character lawsuit from the corrupt music business moguls trying to protect the breadcrumbs for the men who need to be the breadwinners. She vows to keep everything at Modern Material fully transparent by having a film production team follow Modern Material employees around the world as their clients design, develop, manufacture, market and monetize their brand client's merchandise through musical influence. The team assembles an army of corporate retail brands, independent artists and entrepreneurs to build a wall around Modern Material to protect it from the Mad Men at Millennial Music Global. She wants EVERYTHING documented about her whereabouts, activities and anything that MMG could use against her so nobody at the company can be blackmailed to keep the truth from being exposed.

The Devil is in the details

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