The 27 Club on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood has been owned by James Christian since 1996. It's an intimate music venue featuring the live music from the latest indie bands and singer / songwriters. He named it after the artists who died at age 27: Robert Johnson, Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse but James had his own drug addiction to deal with. Months after meeting Mackenzie Mitchell and Jamie Williams who snuck into a party while Maxwell Martin was on tour in July 2005, James and Maxwell were arrested for domestic violence and drug possession when a party on the tour bus turned the rising pop star into a troubled bad boy. They were released and sent to rehab where James was notified that his 18 year old son committed suicide back in Columbus, Ohio. Both James + Maxwell knew they needed to clean up their act if they wanted to survive the business of sex, drugs and rock & roll so they contacted Mackenzie + Jamie with an idea.

A decade later Mackenzie + James begin hosting a weekly pop-up shop at the club for independent designers + artists to collaborate and cross-promote their music + style online and on tour.  Modern Material stylists meet at The 27 Club's showroom to curate a collection for their tour wardrobe that can be sold. The artists only need to travel with collectible Cassette Cards to sell for $0.99 on tour which will provide customers with a free pair of shades with any purchase over $50 on Touring artists will receive a 20% sales commission on purchases generated using their promo code. After Jamie William's beauty blog went viral the music industry started taking notice.


The Seapunk Luxury Apartments is located in the waterfront neighborhood of Marina del Rey, California. It is home to many wealthy music, entertainment, fashion and sports professionals on the westside of Los Angeles, just a mile walk to Venice Beach. The complex provides expansive waterfront views. a large swimming pool, BBQ, fire pits, 5 hot tubs, gym, racquetball court, club and theater room for the residents to enjoy. The decor in apartment complex is uniquely inspired by Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, with a steampunk flair.

In August 2015 Mackenzie + James spend much of their time working in her luxury Seapunk Apartment in Marina del Rey, CA after they partner and form their start-up company for Modern Material. They begin establishing their budget, team and business plan but James begins getting concerned she and her husband Scott Mitchell are caught up in the life of the rich and famous, the lifestyle he worked hard to leave behind him. After the bitter dissolution of their partnership, Mackenzie meets several influential neighbors in music, entertainment and fashion who are very interested in the Modern Material business plan. The lucky stars seemed to align when a friend of a friend connected her to Thomas Christian


Benjamin Christian founded Millennial Music Global in March 2015 as a corporate Merger & Acquisitions with all remaining record labels, ticketing outlets and merchandise companies to vertically integrate an artist's revenue stream. The office is located on Hollywood Blvd in the heart of all the action. Benjamin hired his oldest son, Thomas Christian as Chief Financial Officer. Thomas is responsible for the company's budget, artist payouts, and profit & loss when he comes across a business plan at his brother James's house in Venice, CA at the beginning for 2016. Modern Material's 5 year projections show the company generating $20 Billion by the end of 2025 if they can achieve their goal of becoming the world's first online fashion retailer for music + entertainment clients.


In 2020 Modern Material has partnered with dozens of fashion + beauty brands to market Willa's Wardrobe on tour. The tour bus is custom designed as a mobile store window to go on tour with Willa West + The Lucky Stars. All merchandise can be pre-ordered or purchased from her online store.

Fans will receive exclusive access during their tour stop. Curated brands will receive 60% of the sale price for drop shipping merchandise and Willa West will take a 20% Commission. Modern Material will require $1 Million investment from each participating brand sponsor for the tour to cover operating costs and take a 10% commission from sales generated from the Tour Bus Boutique.



In 2020 L Brands which includes Victoria's Secret and Bath & Body Works are working with Modern Material to reshape the landscape of the retail business. With brick & mortar stores closing, online shopping shifting to the convenience of Amazon, and the millennial generation shifting to a new lifestyle brand experience with social media influencers, the Columbus, Ohio company is looking to build new sales strategies. The 2018 year end net sales for L Brands totaled $13.237 Billion.

The merchandising + marketing teams begin partnering with Modern Material for Willa West's 2020 World Tour by sponsoring Willa's Wardrobe in the Tour Bus Boutique, pop-up shops in Victoria's Secret Stores and online exclusives on Partnership with Modern Material's direct-to-consumer e-commerce store will require an annual marketing fee for film production and e-commerce support, Willa West's marketing commission of 20% and a 5% commission per transaction for Modern Material.

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