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When I was sixteen I was having the best summer of my life. I was finally happy, something I hadn't known much about since I was 14 years old. My mom kicked my dad out of the house after she found out he was having an affair with a waitress at Chad's Place. Then she was sneaking off every night after work, leaving me at home to feed my 11 year old brother and 89 year old grandpa before my 16 year old boyfriend picked me up in his car to go have dinner with his family. Then Shawn Cole cheated on me and I was all alone with a broken heart and no parents around. Welcome to the Cheater's Casualty Club. Trust was beginning to erase but I didn't want to be a part of the Lonely Heart's Club Band.

During the summer of 1995 there was nobody at home to give me a curfew so I just did as I pleased and hung out with the Jocks of 97. Brendon Benson was such a bully. He called me Aimee Aerodynamics when we were in Junior High and compared me to Cassie Peaks. I was becoming so insecure with my body but it was also my weapon. I'd been making sports headlines with Brad Hansen since I was six and he was ten, then one day when I was a Freshman Brad called me from college and asked me to go out with him.

I wasn't too pleased when I turned 15 and my new stepfather moved into the house and set all the ground rules. I was always grounded so I had to learn how to sneak out without getting caught. Sneaking in was a different story once getting caught became a weekly routine. 

"You're not my father!" I'd scream as I'd slam my bedroom door and curl up in bed crying. I'd take out my journal and push the button on my 6 disc CD player and play Pearl Jam's Ten. Nobody in Bluestone, OH understood what I was going through. Their parents were all still together having dinner with their families after school and I'd just bounce around to whomever's house would host me. If I stayed home I'd make my plate and take it up to my room to eat alone.

Aimee will be Moderating the Story of Modern Material from the rooftop pool on the 17th floor over looking the Pacific Ocean. Once a humiliated 17 year old who's love affair earned her the Scarlet Letter A for Aimee, she's about to celebrate 17 years of marriage when Aimee + Scott Whitman realize their life together was not what they dreamed of having. What happened to Aimee to keep her from never wanting to have a family to love and depend on her? Scott is the only person she hasn't pushed out of her life but she's ready to find the freedom to make decisions that won't be a matter of life or death. Something she's been living since Scott's fiancé threatened to commit suicide if he left her for Aimee. 

Twenty One years ago on June 23, 1998, Aimee was finally free to live by her own rules when she moved to Columbus, Ohio into an off campus apartment with her step cousin Stephanie Kane. They were looking forward to being best friends but Stephanie had high expectations for a girl with a serious boyfriend. Aimee + Scott had enough problems of their own. They didn't need Stephanie burdening them with her need for attention. When Aimee finds out Scott's ex-fiancé, Shannon Anderson, moves to Columbus as soon as she did, she's furious with Scott for meeting up with her to exchange some of the things they each still had from their relationship. Just weeks after her jealous fit, Chad Lyons shows up out of the blue at the Toy Store where Aimee works in Upper Arlington but Stephanie tells him she's on lunch break. He's gone when she returns and Stephanie alerts her but it was too late to hide.

It seemed like everyone and everything was trying to keep Aimee away from Scott when the star-crossed lovers tale would turn the tragedy of suicide into trauma as Aimee faced the life or death decisions of being Stephanie's best friend. In March 1999 Aimee got a call at the Toy Store to rush home as quickly as possible. When she arrived in the darkness the neighborhood of North Star was glowing with flashing red lights as she nervously opened the door to their townhome apartment. It was dimly light with a glow coming from the bathroom at the top of the stairs. 

Stephanie lived, but this wasn't her first attempt and Aimee was getting tired of the suicide games. On April 8, 1999 she sent Stephanie an email:

 "I realized that if I was going to make it into my Major next year I have to get my f*cking ass in gear and raise my GPA to the sky so I had to make school my number one priority. No exceptions. That week I had plans to bust my ass for finals. If I got an A on my ID exam and final Art project I could probably get an A in class. And math, well I hoped I could do my absolute best and I might be able to pass the class.

Well, then something terrible and unexpected happened. The next thing I knew there were about 8 cops and 4 paramedics in our apartment. I then sat in the waiting room of the ER till the wee hours of the morning. Finally I made it home to get a few hours of sleep and then take two exams, neither of which I was able to study for. I failed my math and got a C instead of an A on my ID exam. It was then that I realized something. You still did not need me. After all the times "Amy" made me stick around to help you, there you were laying in a hospital bed after just trying to end your life.

That night Amy finally realized she that she was chasing after a dream she could never catch. The journal which I had to give to the cop, had a few short thank you and I'm sorry messages. They were to your family and to Julie and Ted and Jackie and Don. Then I realized that I had been right and Amy had been wrong."

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