The Seascape - Marina del Rey%2C CA

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After Aimee and Scott moved out of the place they called home for 3 years, their dear friends moved in. A Hollywood showrunner who thought Aimee was one of the greatest fashion designers she'd met, moved into her former waterfront studio and passed away a few weeks later. The entire Seascape Community was grief stricken. Nobody was more beloved than miss Eunetta Boone (real name), a long time Hollywood writer who just landed the gig for Raven's House on Disney. Nobody at the Seascape even knew how successful she was because she was just that kind of person who was never judged for being a Black Woman in Hollywood because she was so talented.

Two of Aimee's best friend who WILL be named, include Katina Forte, an actress and spokeswoman with a regular role as Secret Service Agent on Scandal and Chris Chiarella, founder of Ideal Oats. Two career driven people who she adores for their courage to beat all odds and never give up. Aimee & Chris spent nearly 2 years stressing out at the swimming pool about their businesses. The ups and downs and wins and losses as their financial futures of their businesses determined their ability to keep living at The Seascape.

Shout out to Charlotte & Frankie who became Aimee's most admired couple she'd ever met. Frankie is a celebrity fashion photographer who used to be a party boy from Miami when he moved into the Seascape. Trusting the hot young Cuban around women might not have been the easiest thing for all of the married Seascape men, but when Charlotte moved in

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