My name is Annie and I am the Moderator of Modern Material. I wanted to major in Psychology at The Ohio State University but there was just one major problem.  I was the Reason Why two people wanted to die so I changed my major to Advertising & Graphic Design and graduated from Columbus College of Art & Design in 2003. I started my career with the Limited Brands but selling a brand story that was completely made up was total bullshit in my opinion. How does that help contribute to society? As the internet emerged our materialistic values were quickly replacing our emotional and mental health and social media turned friendships from sanity to vanity. Getting likes was more important than being someone people liked.

I apparently don't know how to be a friend when somebody needs me because when I need to do something for myself everybody seems to want to cry or kill themselves. I'm not making a joke, I'm being dead serious because my decisions can be deadly. Nobody taught me in school about what I should do when my best friend starts writing me journal entries saying she's having serious thoughts of killing herself. The schools taught us about how to take away the keys from a drunk driver, why didn't they teach us about how to take away the motive from a suicidal friend? It was 1999 and I had nowhere to turn for help to help my friend. Do people really want to call a stranger on a suicide hotline when all they want is a friend who can care but more importantly relate? A stranger on a hotline is never going to be there for you tomorrow or the next day. A therapist isn't going to be the friend who you look forward to waking up to every morning and reading their email or going to a concert with them on a Thursday night. Your parents aren't going to understand how your friends cyber bullied you on Snap Chat or YouTube and your significant other isn't going to know what it feels like when your best friend decides to commit suicide because of a decision you made to break a promise.

So I changed my major and became a designer. My job was to make millions each month for my employers. I have about $1 Billion in retail sales credited to my creative work but I haven't got a dime left to show for it because each and every penny went into the development of Modern Material since I opened a web store in 2008. It's now 2019 and I'm done selling materialistic values but we all have material needs. By the year 2020 I hope our society can form a new set of social standards where old school values are updated like technology. Nobody should be afraid to tell their story to their friends and family but social media has a way of leaking secrets to millions of people and once it's out there you can't escape the label.

I have created a compilation of characters, stories and playlists inspired by the people, places and events in my life for which I think can help reshape the landscape of mental health by redistributing our wealth to causes and communities we care about. As we set up the storylines it will be our members job to create the content for each MM Character through our discussions on Modern Material. Members will receive a collectible box of storybooks that we hope parents and teachers will distribute to their kids and teenagers as they begin to face the challenging road ahead. Each story or Character will include a message forum where they can find friends who will be able to relate to their problems with bullying, jealousy, breakups, divorce, death, guilt, shame and humiliation. 



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