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These are the Characters that wrote the story of my life. I remember their names and faces but I don't remember what happened between us. From divorces, breakups, suicides, and sex changes, these are the people who have written the chapters in my book. I've blocked out all of the bad memories and stored away a few memorable experiences with each person. I hope you can relate to my friends and family and help me remember who I am and what I want out of my life.

My marriage of 17 years to Scott Whitman is on the rocks in Los Angeles, California. I was just 17 years old when we met in our hometown of Bluestone, Ohio in 1996. When people ask us how we met we tell them my grandfather delivered him. They all think we are High School Sweethearts but they don't know about our secret romance that turned the entire town against us. We can barely remember what happened in 1997 when my boyfriend Chad Lyons and Scott's fiancé Shannon Sanderson found out about us. Our friends disowned us but the only safe place to meet was at my dad and stepmom's house in Lima, Ohio.

When I was 14 my world fell apart. Romance and fairytales were dead on arrival of my very first relationship.  To me, Happily Ever After was just a lie parents told their kids so they would believe in Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny. What was the point of reading stories about The Prince and his Princess if there is no happily ever after? My parents, Scott & Liza Skyler were both having affairs, divorced and remarried while I was home taking care of my brother Andrew and 90 year old grandfather. I had nobody in the house to make rules while I was riding around in my boyfriend Shawn Cole's car. Then Shawn cheated on me.

After Shawn broke my heart my childhood friend and teammate, Brad Hansen, asked me out. He'd left for college when I started my freshman year. He was my dad's star athlete and we'd been making sports headlines for a decade before we were making out under the stars on a country road. But Brad just wasn't who I was looking for. His college teammate, Chad Lyons, stole my heart with his beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair but he lived in North Carolina and I knew I'd never see him again.

During the summer of 1995 I was having a blast hanging out with the Junior Jocks, Brendon Benson, Tim Becker, and Denny Baker. We'd gotten to know each other in track and one of my best friends, Erica Hendrix, had a major crush on Tim. I kinda did too, but I knew I shouldn't. Then Jason Kenny moved to town and asked me out at Cross Country practice. Our relationship moved faster than he ran, winning my championships for my Dad, Coach Scott Skyler, and placing 36th at State. But Jason just used me to get popular and my friends were rivals with his friends. Then he broke my heart into a million pieces when he cheated on me with the star of the girl's basketball team.

I lost all faith in love and the happily ever after. Brendon and Tim both told me in my yearbook that they had a crush on me but it was all a competition for our attention. Andrea was the leader of our group of girls: Andrea, Molly, Cassie and Aimee. Ronnie, Erica, and Kellie  crossed over between our group and our rivals, Julie, Jamie and Samantha....the girls in the group Jason went over to join during our Sophomore year.  If you were in one of these groups you were popular. If you dated someone like Brendon in the class above, you were popular, but he probably wouldn't stick around for long, so take a number. I had more fun making fun of Brendon. It was our thing.

My step dad, Bill Allen, moved in and set all he ground rules my dad never made. My dad raised me as his trophy winner. As long as I was winning races he was proud of me, his Dougie, who he took everywhere with him. I was hanging out in Boys locker rooms and watching R rated movies and sipping beer since I was six years old. I was anything but sheltered. Bill came in and told my mom how I should behave. Every time I broke I rule I got a week so basically I was sentenced me to 2 years in my bedroom. I only got out on good behavior, or when Molly and I'd hang out with the boys from my church, Sam and Bryan. Usually  I'd sneak out of the house but there was always a trap waiting to catch me when I came back home. I guess when it's a habit it's hard to make your mom think you're still in your bedroom.

Sweet sixteen was sweet and the Summer of 1996 was heating up. The boys were lined up at the starting line to compete but more than one was running the race. Tim Becker and I had been spending a lot of time together and I really wanted him to kiss me since Erica didn't like him anymore. When he finally asked me out I was so excited. But guess who I found out was staying in Bluestone for the summer? Chad Lyons! I started seeing him running around town with my dad's pack of boys. All my friends had a crush on him too, but he swam up to me in the pool and started talking to me. I could see Julie and Samantha getting a bit jealous from their lifeguard chairs wondering how I knew this cute new guy in town.  Chad asked me to join him for a run at night.

I was also so jealous of Cassie, Andrea and Ronnie who were working at Domino's Pizza with Scott Whitman, a Senior at Bluestone College. I thought he was so hot ever since he was a senior in High School dating one of my close family friends, Lauren Edison, who went to my church. I started stoping by Dominos to say hi to my friends every day during the summer. There wasn't much to do...until Chad showed up in this small Ohio town where our options are very limited. He had been hanging out with my Dad's Dream Team and was even faster than Brad Hansen. I was 16 and Chad just turned 20. I couldn't believe it when he asked me out and I just knew my friends would be so jealous. Andrea always got the hot music guys and I seemed to be getting the hot athletes.

Tim and I broke it off after I felt like we were better off friends. Chad and I started going out and making out for 3 weeks before I left for Michigan for 3 weeks. I was so sad and afraid the girls would go after him. It's not like he was going to be staying for long. He'd have to leave for North Carolina in September.

I met Parker Dawson at a community teen dance in Cedarwoods, MI. I remembered him from the summer before, He was this rich preppy Miami, Florida boy who walked into the room like he owned it. He asked me to dance when a Celine Dion song came on. He lived there all summer invited my cousin Nicole and I to go jet skiing and to his bonfire the next day. During the bonfire everyone was underage and drinking when the cops showed up to bust the party. Parker took me on a walk so we were hiding behind a tree when he kissed me. Was this really happening? I felt so guilty because I really wanted to see where things would go with Chad but he would be going back to North Carolina, Parker would go back to Miami and I'd go back to Bluestone, Ohio where it's just the same old selection of boys who I'd known since the 1st grade. I knew Parker was just going to be a fling if anything.

Nicole and I got busted for breaking curfew after the bonfire. Screw curfew, I wasn't going to see Parker again, so I wanted to have fun. Sure enough punishment was waiting for me back at the cabin in the woods. Who gets grounded on summer vacations?! Our sentence wouldn't need to be served until the third week of vacation on a different lake. Odds of meeting more boys there were slim since we didn't have friends in town. Nicole and I asked our older cousin Hannah to cover for us so we could sneak out  and go to the beach with Parker and his cousin Ryan. That night I was faced a decision I wasn't ready to make with a guy I'd only known for two days. We were alone in the darkness on the beach when he started getting a little rough. I had to push him off me and asked him to take me home because we were in the middle of nowhere. We got into an argument but Parker didn't try to force himself on me after I told him no.

High School with a scandalous secret kept from my boyfriend and future husband's fiancé. But when the secret was out, shame, regret, jealous love triangles and suicidal threats began to swarm the town of Bluestone like angry bees. The countdown to Columbus was on. Fortunately it was the 90's and what happened in Bluestone, stayed in Bluestone.

One year later I found police in my bedroom searching for my roommate's suicide letter. All I wanted to do was be free but I had a new set of rules that Stephanie Kane made me swear she would live or die by. Our 1998-1999 journal became her suicide letter.

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