Chase is a model for Modern Material who is dating design intern, Riley Raines. Before he leaves for New York, Chase buys Riley a journal, candle and bottle of perfume from Modern Material's memory box. He makes her a playlist and writes the lyrics in the journal along with his favorite moments from their romantic summer together. The journal comes with a small fragrance vial that must be stored for her to unlock her memories of their time together in the future. 

After finding out Riley is cheating on him with Maxwell Martin, Chase is devastated and depressed. He logs on to Modern Material to look for advice from someone who has been through a similar breakup and he begins trading stories with Carter Lindelman 76 who had a similar experience with his girlfriend who was still in high school when he left for college. He also MM's Sampson Marsden 72 who is currently struggling with his wife who wants her freedom and new experiences after 22 years.


BORN: June 6, 2000


HOMETOWN: Columbus, Ohio


CAREER: Fashion Model / College Student

RELATIONSHIP: Dating Riley Raines

MM CHARACTER NAME: Chris Lindon 00

MM FRIENDS: Carter Lexus 76, Sampson Marsden 72


Chase Lyons is a kind, sensitive and compassionate young man who grew up in a Christian family home in Bluestone, Ohio with his two younger brothers. They were all athletes in Cross Country and Track & Field since they were 8 years old, just like their father Chad Lyons, a former Olympic Athlete in Track & Field. Chase's competitive nature gave him big dreams to pursue when he moved to Columbus to attend Ohio State. After being recruited to be a fashion model for Abercrombie & Fitch, Chase set aside following in his father's footsteps to enjoy the new attention he was receiving from the brand's campaigns. 


 Chase Lyons is a 20 year old fashion model living in Columbus, Ohio when he begins dating 17 year old Riley Raines during the summer of 2019. They are preparing for her runway show for HighBall Halloween when their attraction turns into passionate summer romance. Riley has had a crush on Chase since he walked the runway at Alternative Fashion Week in 2018 for Kelli Martin but she was dating another model Chase worked with. Just as the new couple begins to fall in love, Chase leaves in September for NYC to pursue his modeling career but hopes to maintain a long distance relationship with Riley, completely unaware of her relationship to Maxwell Martin when a photograph of him leaving her apartment is posted on social media. 


Chase is devastated and remembers a story his father, Chad Lyons, told him about an old girlfriend when he left for college. A girl from Bluestone, Ohio named Kenzie Kitzen who was just 17 when she left him for a 24 year old college graduate. Chad tells him how he saved her letters and mixed tapes from over 20 years ago but he hasn't spoken to her since he went looking for her in 1998 after she graduated from High School and moved to Columbus. She had a boyfriend and wasn't interested in getting back together but he can't even remember why they broke up. Chase tells him to check out Modern Material, a private forum for sharing stories and songs that may trigger more memories.

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