James Christian is Mackenzie Mitchell's business partner who manages the artist relationships, business proposals and marketing, merchandising and touring schedule with Modern Material. His artists include Sydney Summers, Maxwell Mitchell, The Punk Flamingos, The Lucky Stars, Distress Call, Rainbow Revolt, West of Lincoln and the Broken Arrows.


BORN: September 15, 1962


HOMETOWN: Columbus, Ohio

CURRENT CITY: Los Angeles, CA 

CAREER: Artist Manager / Record Producer / Night Club Owner

RELATIONSHIP: Divorced from Christine Durant


 James Christian is a 53 year old artist manager for Maxwell Martin, Jaxson James of The Punk Flamingos, Distress Call, The Rainbow Revolt, West of Lincoln, The Broken Arrow and his biggest act, Sydney Summers who just signed a major record deal after releasing her single, Stolen Summer, that reached number one on the charts. He is preparing Max + Sydney for their upcoming tour in 2020 when his ex-wife’s best friend, Mackenzie Mitchell, pitches him a start-up company to design, manufacture and produce a fashion collection around Sydney’s wardrobe for her music videos, tour and online store on Modern Material. 

James loves the idea but the misogynistic Boys Club runs the merchandising business that appears to be bankrupt. Mackenzie won’t let any straight man have control of her women's fashion business and is about to blow up the Kingdom when with her team of women and gay men from Columbus, Ohio sneak their Trojan Horse, Sydney Summers, past the gatekeepers who are too lazy to keep up to speed with current trends and technology.

James's personal life begins to complicate his relationship with Mackenzie Mitchell when his grief over his son Jack Christian's suicide continues to challenge him. The daily reminder of Christine's struggles over Jacks's death leaves Mackenzie unable to open up about the truth of her relationship to his ex-wife Christine Durant back when she lived in Columbus.

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