James Christian is a prominent artist manager, music publisher and owner of the night club, The 27 Club, in West Hollywood, a music venue inspired by the legendary artists who died at age 27. He has worked hard to establish his own career but his brother Thomas Christian is still riding on the coattails of their father's music empire as the CFO of Millennial Music Global. James has a very rocky relationship with both his father and brother and would love nothing more than to build his own empire based on ethics and Christian values that his father does not uphold.

James is still struggling with the suicide of his 18 year old son Jack Christian in 2007. He wants to share his life's story with Mackenzie while they are working on Modern Material but she wants to keep it strictly business. She has a rule about sharing her private life. Tell no one. All she knew was Jame's son committed suicide and she was still trying to recover from her best friend's son's suicide. Being a friend to a parent who lost a teenager took a lot of work and suicide was a topic that would uncover very deep wounds from Mackenzie's past.

In 2020 James + Mackenzie clash on the direction of Modern Material after she begins chasing pop stars like Katy Perry who Thomas wants to sign fashion deals with. James becomes increasingly agitated by the idea but Mackenzie thinks Mr. Cool just doesn't want to associate with a sell out. They agree to start a new contract with Jamie Williams if she signs a deal with Millennial Music Global under the stage name, Willa West, but he has one stipulation. His former girlfriend, Brooklyn Rosenthal, must become the Chief Operating Officer of Modern Material.



James Christian's style has a modern rock vibe with dark neutrals and simple silhouettes. His look is ready for long nights on the road with comfort that won't make him look like a slob because he's always in style.


 James Christian is a prominent artist manager for Maxwell Martin, Jaxson James of The Punk Flamingos, Distress Call, The Rainbow Revolt, West of Lincoln, The Broken Arrow and his biggest act, Willa West , who just signed a major record deal with his father's new company, Millennial Music Global, after her single, City of Angels + Demons, featuring Maxwell Martin reached number one on the charts. James is preparing Max + Willa for their upcoming tour in 2020 and he contacts Willa's friend, Mackenzie Mitchell, who used to promote her fashion brand, Modern Material, during Maxwell Martin's tour in 2010, to see what she's been up to.

As fate would have it, Mackenzie + Scott Mitchell recently moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career and James invites them to his night club, The 27 Club, a music venue dedicated to the legendary artists who died at 27. They see an opportunity to revive the concept to promote music + style just like they did during Maxwell Martin's tour in 2010. James + Mackenzie partner 50/50 to start the company to bridge the fashion and music industries but little does she know that the misogynistic Boys Club led by his father, Benjamin Christian, has the merchandising business under lock and key. They will need to find a loop hole if they want to get involved in the tour merchandising business. 

While James and his father no longer have a civil relationship, he has been working with his older brother, Thomas Christian, who just signed Jamie Williams to a record contract with their father's company, Millennial Music Global. First Thomas wants to makeover Jamie's image with the stage name, Willa West. They need to get approval from MMG's merchandising division before James + Mackenzie can sign a tour merchandising deal but after Mackenzie learns how many connections he and Thomas have to pop stars who already have millions of fans her greed to succeed turns her into corporate slave driver. She's determined to do a deal with Katy Perry after impressing her management team but James is hell bent on staying away from the "Pop Stars".  Makenzie and her fashion team don't understand why he would turn down the opportunity to make millions and their vision for Modern Material begins to fracture with the 50/50 partners start to disagree on the direction for the company.

Thomas Christian is much more attuned to Mackenzie's vision around selling the image not the emotion. He suggests selling a high end fashion line that Willa West will wear during her music videos and 2020 World Tour because it doesn't compete with the souvenir t-shirt business they have with Millennial Music Merchandise. When Benjamin Christian catches a glimpse of the Modern Material business plan with sales projections on Thomas's desk he begins to fear for the future of the music business. Mr. Christian sends Brooklyn Rosenthal in to the company to seduce James and turn him against Mackenzie. He will stop at nothing short of threatening Thomas with his life to make sure Modern Material never materializes.

With Modern Material on the rise, James's personal life begins to complicate his relationship with Mackenzie Mitchell when his grief over his son Jack Christian's suicide continues to challenge him. He wanted to talk to her about his personal life but Mackenzie wanted to keep their relationship strictly business. No discussion about their personal lives was her way of avoiding topics related to her past traumas but James + Mackenzie just seemed to share a connection through lyrics that spoke to each other. During their deal with Jamie Williams a.k.a. Willa West, Mackenzie began working at James's house when she saw a picture of his son Jack. The image sent Mackenzie into a mental and emotional breakdown leaving her to question the true meaning of Modern Material. Was it fate that she was supposed to meet James and rebuild Modern Material?

The merchandising contract from MMG holds Modern Material liable for $1 Million in damages if they fail to meet any of the terms in the 30 page contract. Mackenzie is feeling the pressure to make a commitment to James when Brooklyn Rosenthal begins playing games with James + Mackenzie as a power struggle to run a fashion business begins to take a toll on their partnership. Mackenzie tells James that she doesn't trust Brooklyn to represent their company but he threatens to leave if Brooklyn isn't involved. Her emotional wall is beginning to crumble and she can't keep her secret from him any longer. Before she has the chance to tell James about her relationship to his son Jack, James walks out on Modern Material letting the deal with Willa West and Millennial Music Global burn to the ground.

Thomas Christian sees it as the perfect opportunity to step in and control the situation now that James Christian has been taken care of. He's ready to create pop stars like Madonna and sell a fashion collection from Willa’s Wardrobe for her music videos, tour and online store on Modern Material and he wants to renegotiate the deal she was offered by Brooklyn's team. Mackenzie and Thomas begin building a dream team of multi-billion dollar lifestyle brand leaders based in Columbus and Los Angeles to design, develop, manufacture and sell merchandise but there is only one problem. Benjamin Christian must own 51% of the company. 


The Christian boys grew up in Hollywood where life was anything but Christian in the 1970's. The music industry was rising to power with the new culture of sex, drugs, rock & roll. Benjamin Christian was a powerful record label executive working with artists who were becoming rock & roll gods who reportedly sold their souls to the devil in exchange for fame + fortune.

When James was nine years old in 1971, he and his fourteen year old brother Thomas were on a trip to Paris when the news of Jim Morrison's death was announced. He remembers his father handing  Thomas a journal during their trip to Paris in June 1971 to write some poems that his father was reading to him. James never really thought much about it until a notebook called Paris Journal written by Jim Morrison was surfaced in Northern California in 1986. The image of the journal that was auctioned off triggered memories of his trip to Paris when he was a boy. Was there something sinister that his father was involved in?

James was born in Columbus, Ohio in 1962 before his father moved to Los Angeles to start a record label. He stayed behind with his mother and older brother to finish High School when he married his High School sweetheart, Christine Lindon after they graduated from Upper Arlington High School in 1979. Their first son, Jack Christian, was born in January 1989 and they got divorced in 1996 when James decided to move to Los Angeles to work for his father. Just as James stayed behind with his mother, Jack stayed in Columbus with his mother Christine who later married Peter Durant in 1998 and adopted her son Jack. James had little involvement in Jack's life during the 1990's while he was heavily addicted to drugs and the lifestyle his father promoted in the music industry. 

In March 2007 Jack Christian Durant committed suicide after being bullied by the jocks for being a weird artist kid during his freshman year of college. James was devastated to have lost his only son who he never had the chance to know. He and Christine began to repair their relationship while they began coping with the grief. He'd send her a CD of songs in the mail every single week just so she had something special to look forward to.


BORN: September 15, 1962


HOMETOWN: Columbus, Ohio

CURRENT CITY: Los Angeles, CA / Venice, CA

CAREER: Artist Manager / Owner of The 27 Club

BUSINESS PARTNER: Mackenzie Mitchell

SLEEPING WITH: Brooklyn Rosenthal

FATHER: Benjamin Christian

BROTHER: Thomas Christian

SON: Jack Christian (1989-2007), Died by suicide



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