BORN: October 21, 1985



CURRENT CITY: Los Angeles, CA / Marina del Rey, CA

CAREER: Recording Artist



Jaxson James is the lead singer of The Lucky Stars whose punk rock attitude lands her in court after being sued for defamation of character for her #metoo sexual harassment claim against her record label. In 2009 she was signed to a 7 year contract that owned her masters, touring and merchandise sales in exchange for a $500,000 advance. While music sales began declining from the evolution of digital streaming, Jaxson began creating her own fashion brand to sell on tour. Her handmade apparel, accessories and jewelry curated by independent designers has been selling $5,000,000 per year since 2014 and she is finally free from her 360 record deal.

In 2020 The Lucky Stars will be opening their own retail boutique on Modern Material to sell their punk rock inspired clothing worn on tour so they hire Freddy Rodriguez to film their music videos for their brand campaign. While Jake is working on their music video he meets Chase Lyons, a model and actor who plays Jaxon’s love interest in their video, Stars Aligned. Jax develops a major crush on Chase after making out with him on camera. His 17 year old girlfriend, Riley Raines, designed her wardrobe and is becoming jealous of their passionate love scenes. When Jaxson sees the latest gossip on Maxwell + Riley she’s ready to strike her arrow through the bulls eye on Chase’s heart by breaking it into a million pieces and coming to his aide.

Jaxson James is known as J.D.J. on Modern Material.

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