Mackenzie Mitchell is the Founder + Creator of Modern Material. She is an artist at heart, an entrepreneur in spirit and an athlete since birth. She was born to win gold and taught nothing but to have a drive for success. Raised for rivalry, revenge and living life with no regrets, Mackenzie has an attitude that isn't likely to build relationships that last very long.

She's the daughter of a narcissistic and neglectful father who was raised to go Pro. Winning championships was her father's only way to make his father proud and Mackenzie was a Junior Olympic State Champion in Cross Country by the time she turned ten. She had 10,000 miles on her body and a box full of 215 awards when she moved out of her broken family mansion after graduating from Bluestone High School in Ohio. Being an athlete was no longer an identity she wanted to associate with.

With a degree in Advertising + Graphic Design from Columbus College of Art & Design and 15 years of experience working as a designer for dozens of the biggest retail brands in the world, Mackenzie's design work can be credited with generating $1 Billion in gross retail sales. Unlike her athletic awards, she has little to show for her achievements in art. Her education in Corporate America provided her with the knowledge and power to work her way to the top but Mackenzie wanted to be her own boss.  When she met  James Christian, son of music mogul Benjamin Christian, on tour while managing singer / songwriter Maxwell Martin, she saw an opportunity to change the way independent artists and designers could make a living sharing their material. Soon after Napster unleashed it's fury on the music industry, Mackenzie + James began building an on tour shopping experience to promote independent Music + Style.

When Jame's older brother, Thomas Christian, learns about Modern Material, his involvement in the company begins to raise a lot of red flags when he puts up roadblocks for the start-up company at every turn. Will Mackenzie and her team of Wonder Women be able to save the day or will they fall victim to the Mad Men in the music industry?


BORN: September 8, 1979


HOMETOWN: Bluestone, Ohio + Columbus, Ohio

CURRENT CITY: Los Angeles, CA / Port Nautilus, CA

MM POSITION: Founder + Creator of Modern Material

FORMER ROLES: Creative Director for China Based Manufacturing Company, Packaging Designer for Bath & Body Works, Accessories Designer for Victoria's Secret

1ST PRIORITY: Entrepreneur 

MARITAL STATUS: Married to Scott Mitchell

MAIDEN NAME: Kenzie Kitzen



James Christian - Co-Creator - Music

Thomas Christian - Chief Financial Officer

Alexandra Martinique - Director of Fashion Merchandising

Jackie Lee - Director of Product Development

Staley Styles - Creative Director + Transgender Model

Freddy Rodriguez - Fashion Photographer

Jake Carter - Film Producer

Cassandra Ford - Chief Financial Officer

Riley Raines - Model + Fashion Design Intern

Ali Aftab - Fashion Model + Actor

Chase Lyons - Fashion Model + Actor


Creative • Competitive • Entrepreneurial •   High Energy  • Fast Paced • Motivated by Success • Sleepless Nights • Easily Bored • ADD •  Emotionally Void • Lacks Interpersonal Skills • Doesn't Like Love + Affection •  Lacks Ability to Have Love + Compassion  • Doesn't Acknowledge Feelings • Easily Angered • Loves Rivalry but Doesn't Hold Grudges • High Anxiety • Paranoia • Disassociates from Trauma • Surrounds Herself with People Who Have More Trauma • Can't Remember Childhood • Little Respect for Authority • Doesn't Trust Men • Insecure Body Image


Mackenzie's wardrobe is classy with a little punk rock for her LA Lifestyle. Her pieces can easily transition from day to night as layers are a must for Sunny and 75. You'll find Mackenzie in a business meeting on the rooftop of Hotel Erwin in Venice Beach, at a coffee shop on Robertson or lounging poolside at The Seapunk in Port Nautilus.


Mackenzie's apartment at The Seapunk in Marina del Rey overlooks the marina with a spectacular view of the Santa Monica mountains. Her Mid Century Modern aesthetic has an elegant  touch with her coastal chill vibe where she watches sailboats and sea lions from her Modern Material office.



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