Maxwell Martin is 38 year old singer / songwriter from Portland, Maine who has a bad boy reputation and criminal record after his life became a Trainwreck from the success of the hit 2005 song that brought him the quintessential lifestyle of sex, drugs and rock & roll. His manager James Christian begins rebranding Maxwell's career in 2015 after reconnecting with a fashion designer they used to trade tickets for t-shirts. Convinced he can recover financially from the music industry's rapid revenue decline, James suggests Maxwell work out a deal to promote Mackenzie's fashion company, Modern Material, on his next tour.

Originally the website was used to trade videos of Maxwell's performances on late night TV but Mackenzie learned the only way to make money was selling units not marketing music. Modern Material was rising quickly with the social media wave paired with their cross-promotional online / on tour strategy, however Maxwell and James ended up in rehab and their collaboration of music + style collapsed. But Maxwell isn't the star who was born from their dreams, it was Mackenzie's design assistant Jamie Williams from Victoria's Secret whose beauty blog went viral.

Jamie's new found fame as Willa West promises to make her a fortune and Maxwell wasn't prepared for his career to turn his fiancé into a global sensation. His jealousy over Jamie's new found fame collides with his own ability to stay focused on his career.


Maxwell Martin was a singer songwriter with a cult following since the early 2000's. Mackenzie Mitchell used to follow him everywhere on tour with her husband, brother and his girlfriend, Jamie Willams. In 2005 Jamie was a confident, young 17 year old junior from Bluestone High School who wasn't afraid of anything when she snuck Mackenzie, Scott and Andrew into a party after Maxwell's show in Dayton, Ohio. They pretended they were friends with the guy who lived in the apartment and struck up a conversation with his manager James Christian. Mackenzie was a super fan of Maxwell's and made dozens of friends on his online trading board who were looking for videos, audio recordings and photos from his shows. She used to record Maxwell's performances on VHS tapes, dub a copy and mail them to fans in Europe. Scott Mitchell had an idea to convert them into digital files.

Mackenzie needed a name for the website so she called it Modern Material, the future format of material. She realized designing album covers for CDs was about to go extinct and she was just 2 years out of college with a degree in Advertising & Graphic Design from Columbus College of Art & Design. Mackenzie + James Christian started talking about her career designing for Bath & Body Works and Victoria's Secret and her idea to start a fashion brand inspired by music + lyrics. She wanted to be able to promote indie bands and James loved the idea. He gave her a Master's Use License and they secured over 40 songs to feature on Modern Material. James set up a small display at his night club, The 27 Club in West Hollywood, CA. When Maxwell started touring the US, James would put post cards out at the merch table and give Modern Material buttons away with purchase of a t-shirt from Maxwell Martin. When somebody bought merchandise from Modern Material they would receive a free download of The Indie Rock Collection.

MySpace was just getting started during Maxwell's tour but Max began to get into a bit of trouble. Both Max + James were arrested for sexual abuse and drug possession after an incident occurred on the Tour Bus. Life as a pop star was turning Maxwell into the person he told Mackenzie Mitchell he wished the record label never made him become.

"I don't have any control over what I write or how I play my music now. Their job is to sell records. They tell me how to dress, how to comb my hair and who I need to hang out with. I have 5 years left on my contract and I can't quit. The only way out is dead or in jail which is beginning to look like a much better option compared to this shit," Maxwell told Mackenzie in some grungy apartment in Dayton, Ohio in 2005.


BORN: November 4, 1982


HOMETOWN: Portland, Maine


CAREER: Singer / Songwriter 

HIT SINGLE: Trainwreck - 2005

RELATIONSHIP: Gets engaged to Jamie Williams A.K.A. Willa West in 2020

CRIMINAL RECORD: Arrested for Domestic Violence and Drug Possession in 2005


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