Maxwell Martin's fiancé Sydney Summers is a pop star creating her own fashion line for their World Tour in 2020. Everything he wears must be approved by her team of designers, buyers and stylists and he's beginning to get annoyed by her demands and materialistic lifestyle.


BORN: November 4, 1995


HOMETOWN: San Francisco, CA


CAREER: Singer / Songwriter 

RELATIONSHIP: Engaged to Sydney Summers

SECRET MM: MM'ing Riley Raines while on tour

MM CHARACTER NAME: Mason Miller 95


 Maxwell Martin is a 24 year old singer / songwriter living in Los Angeles, California. While he was on tour in 2017 he kissed 16 year old Riley Raines after a show at The Newport in September. Max was just about to propose to his girlfriend, rising pop star Sydney Summers, while their new duet climbs to number one on the charts. Max + Riley have been private messaging each other every week since they met but Max realizes his feelings for Riley are deeper than friendship when he becomes jealous of her boyfriend Chase Lyons on Valentine's Day when he gives her journal of hand written lyrics from their favorite love songs.

Max + Riley’s secret sexting conversations last for nearly a year while he’s on tour but he wants to make sure Riley breaks up with Chase before he calls off his engagement to Sydney. Chase gets a summer internship in Los Angeles but just before he leaves for New York in August Riley tells him she wants to see other peole. After Riley tells him she broke up with Chase, Max decides he’s not quite ready to end things with Sydney because their relationship is a little more complicated. He fears the public backlash from her fan base so he wants to take it a little more slowly.

In June 2020 Sydney notices Maxwell leaving The Seascape in Marina del Rey early one morning and posts a photo on Social Media asking if anyone knows who lives in Unit 4123. When Freddy Rodriguez shares the photo with his friends, Chase Lyons recognizes the number as Riley Raine’s address where she lives with Mackenzie + Scott Mitchell.

When Max’s manager James Christian finds out about Max cheating on Sydney during their engagement and tour, he begin doing damage control and wants to pay off Freddie, Max, Riley and Chase from leaking the story. Stipulations require no contact between Max and Riley until Sydney’s tour with Max is over in November 2020.

Max tells Riley to find him on Modern Material under the Character Name: Mason Miller 95 so they can communicate without anyone knowing who he is. She gives him her MM Character Name: Reneé Richards and they begin their secret MM relationship.

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