Riley Raines begins her summer internship with Modern Material in May 2020 while Sydney Summers and Maxwell Martin are preparing for their world tour which begins in August. Her responsibilities are to help the team design and develop a new fashion collection for Sydney and Max to wear in their new music video and tour wardrobe.


BORN: May 1, 2002


HOMETOWN: Columbus, Ohio

CURRENT CITY: Los Angeles, CA / Marina del Rey, CA

CAREER: High School Student / Fashion Design Intern with Modern Material

RELATIONSHIP: Dating Chad Lyons

SECRET MM: MM'ing Maxwell Martin (Mason Miller 95) , Kenzie Kitzen (Kylie Kinzer 79) and Stephanie Kane (Samantha Kodax 77)



Riley Raines is a 17 year old aspiring fashion designer who just moved to Los Angeles, CA for a summer internship with her former neighbor from Columbus, Ohio, Mackenzie Mitchell, who suggested her mother give her a fresh new perspective after her father died by suicide 3 years earlier. 

She has been sexting her favorite singer / songwriter Maxwell Martin who she met after a show at the Newport when she was 16 and he was 23. Riley has been a fan of his music for years but Maxwell just got engaged to rising pop star, Sydney Summers and she’s disappointed when she tells him she will be staying in Los Angeles for the summer.

After landing a fashion design internship with James Christian Artist Management Company, Riley can’t deny her attraction or relationship to Maxwell. Her 20 year old boyfriend, Chase Lyons, moves to New York to pursue his modeling career but he flies out to Los Angeles every break to work with Riley and fashion photographer, Jake Carter. When news of Max + Riley’s secret romance leaks on social media, Riley’s reputation will be destroyed friend by friend unless somebody can stop the truth from going viral.

Riley + Max exchange their secret screen names on Modern Material to keep in touch while he's on tour. She also discovers users with the MM Character Names: Kylie Kinzer 79 and Samantha Kodax 77  whose stories sound very similar to what she is dealing with. As they begin discussing their situations on Modern Material, the coincidences from their life experiences are about to look more like fate that they were meant to be soul mates. Riley realizes she’s no longer alone in her struggle to survive the shame for stealing another girl’s fiancé. 

When will Riley find out that she has literally has walked in Kylie Kinzer's shoes when she was playing house with her girl boss Mackenzie Mitchell  who lived in the house behind her parent's in Columbus, OH? The boyfriend Mackenzie, previously known as Kenzie Kitzen, is talking about is named Chad Lyons. Father of Riley's boyfriend Chase Lyons

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