Sydney's fashion line is in development for her wardrobe to be used in music videos and on tour. Her collection will be available for fans to purchase on Modern Material in 2020. Retail brands may contact us for our fashion buyers to review line plans for pre-orders and drop ship.


Sydney Summers is the newest Blonde Bombshell with a hit single on the radio with her new boyfriend, Maxwell Martin. Once a shy, awkward teenager in the 2010's, she is now a gorgeous glam girl with a bright future ahead of her. As her popularity increases, so does her self esteem and ego. She's no longer the kind, compassionate and emotional girl she used to be. She's becoming a diva and her manager, James Christian, is reaching a breaking point with her demands.


BORN: April 11, 1992


HOMETOWN: Los Angeles, CA

CURRENT CITY: Los Angeles, CA / Marina del Rey, CA

CAREER: Fashion Model / Pop Star

RELATIONSHIP: Engaged to Maxwell Martin



 Sydney Summers is a rising pop star who was just offered a major record deal after her duet with singer / songwriter Maxwell Martin climbed to number one on the charts. In exchange for a $1 Million advance, the terms of the contract require her to sign a 360 deal which gives 80% of the profit from all music and merchandise sales to the record label. While negotiating the deal with the record label, her manager, James Christian, presents an alternative offer by Modern Material. In exchange for 50% of the profit, Sydney will be offered a complete team of fashion designers, buyers, product developers, manufacturers, stylists, photographers and filmmakers to build her brand. 

In October 2019 Maxwell Martin proposes to Sydney Summers just before the start of their world tour in 2020. When Sydney sees Max leaving an apartment at The Seascape where she lives in Marina del Rey, she posts a photo of Unit 4123 on social media hoping somebody will recognize the address. Freddy shares the image with his friends and a model from NYC, Chase Lyons, recognizes the address as his girlfriend, Riley Raines. When Maxwell confirms the rumors are true, Sydney is desperate to keep him from leaving, threatening suicide if Max leaves her for Riley. James Christian is about to do damage control.

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