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Mind, Body & Soul

We live in a country that has been operated by entitlement. A man who is President and has no regard for humanity, no respect for women, no tolerance for race or gender preference. A man who rules by his ego and not by experience. It has divided US, hardened US, and challenged US to do better.

Freedom isn't a team sport. We may play on different teams but we are all in the same human race.



Women don't belong to men like we are sex objects. Men should be free to have sex with men and women free to have sex with women. If a body isn't the right gender for a personality they should be able to have a sex change. But no body has the right to sexually abuse, assault or rape a body like it's free game.

It shouldn't matter what color our body is either. All bodies should be treated equal. Most importantly, our bodies are not open for business or sport.



Our mind has the power to be in control of our destiny. Religion. Education. Emotion. Devotion. Nobody really knows what anyone else has been through in life. What makes them tick or quit ticking for any reason.



We all get angry, jealous, upset, offended, frustrated, saddened, exhilarated, anxious, confused, happy and heartbroken. Emotions can get the best of us. Artists can set their words to music. Authors can write a really good book. This allows us to share our material with people who seem to care. But when you can't articulate because you can't relate, emotions become somebody's burden to bare. Many of us turn to music and lyrics to realize we aren't alone in our thoughts. Sometimes a song can literally save your life because it resonates through every bone. 



The biggest challenge among humans is when we decide to share our bodies, minds and souls with other people and life gets complicated. Some people don't know where to draw the line on what's yours or mine. What happens when you realize your partner wasn't what you anticipated? Can one person really fulfill every passion or need you crave? Is it possible for that one person to be the same person you need 20 or 30 years later or do you need to find another way to fill your void? Is it humanly possible to have sexual attraction to the same person who can relate to your deepest emotional wounds or to the same person who's personality is a compliment to your own? Are you truly allowing your soul to live if you only share it with a small little circle of people who probably haven't checked every box of criteria for representing your life's story.