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      To All of the Rock & Roll Queens Who Have Been Held Captive by the Business of Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll:   We now live in a country that has been hijacked by entitlement. A man who is President and has no regard for humanity, no respect for women, no tolerance for race or gender preference. A man who rules by his ego and not by experience. It has divided US, hardened US, and challenged US to do better. Freedom isn't a team sport. Women don't belong to men like we're sex objects. Men should be allowed...

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When I got home Scott started texting me, asking what was going on. James was texting him, asking for advice. He wanted to know how to keep me from alienating the team, saying I was in a negative swirl and he was afraid Modern Material was about to collapse.Scott responds, "Please don't back out. Aimee's passion is strong and comes across a certain way to those who truly don't know her. I'm not sure if it is related, but she talked to me last night, while crying, that she feels nobody but her believes in what you all of you are...

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I’m riding high on glory going into April 2016. My business partner, James Christian, and I received a fashion merchandising deal for 12 Midnight but the terms in the contract started to concern me. We were liable for $1 Million if we failed to deliver, but the deal with the venture capitalist was that we needed to prove the concept first. They needed to know that a fashion line for Michael Lauren could sell, so we had to test the market with a pre-order. If it sold they would invest about $3 Million for an equity stake in Modern Material. James and I were really excited....

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