$8 Billion Boys Club vs $350 Billion Materialistic Girls

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$8 Billion Boys Club vs $350 Billion Materialistic Girls




To All of the Rock & Roll Queens Who Have Been Held Captive by the Business of Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll:


We now live in a country that has been hijacked by entitlement. A man who is President and has no regard for humanity, no respect for women, no tolerance for race or gender preference. A man who rules by his ego and not by experience. It has divided US, hardened US, and challenged US to do better.

Freedom isn't a team sport. Women don't belong to men like we're sex objects. Men should be allowed to have sex with men and women with women. If a body isn't the right gender for a personality, nobody should be told they can't change it. It shouldn't matter what color our body is either. All bodies should be treated equal. Most importantly, our bodies are not open for business or sport.

Then there is our mind and our souls where we have more control. Religion. Education. Emotion. Devotion. Nobody really knows what anyone else has been through in life. What makes them tick or quit ticking. 

The biggest challenge among humans is when we decide to share our bodies and minds with other people and life gets complicated. Some people don't know where to draw the line on what's yours or mine. What happens when you realize your partner wasn't what you anticipated?

We all get angry, jealous, upset, offended, frustrated, saddened, exhilarated, anxious, confused, happy and heartbroken. Emotions can get the best of us. Artists can set their words to music. Authors can write a really good book. This allows us to share with people who seem to care. But when you can't articulate because you can't relate, emotions become somebody's burden to bare. Many of us turn to music and lyrics to realize we aren't alone in our thoughts. Sometimes a song can literally save your life because it resonates through every bone. 




I wish I would have know things differently when I found myself caught up in the music industry. I might have spoken with a little more tact or made statements that were matter of fact. But when you are trying to learn a new language, you need someone in the middle to brokerage. 

In the retail sector we have what is known as a Global Supply Chain. It's a very complicated process of trading goods and services in order to generate higher profits. If you are a fashion brand you need to figure out how to manufacture your designs for the lowest price and sell them for the highest price, but you also have to determine if higher margins or higher units will increase revenue.

In the music business there is, or was, a fixed price. $0.99 per song, $9.99 per album, $35.00 per t-shirt and  $19.99 - $499 per concert ticket. Digital material gives us every song in the world for $9.99 per month and artists can only open up doors to one store door per day.

Now take a look around your house, your wardrobe, bathroom and kitchen. Don't you prefer to buy things that are totally bitchin'? So why are women who have a drive to succeed being treated like a bitch then?



Sleeping with the boss doesn't get women jobs in fashion...making hundreds of millions of dollars per months is our team's passion.

Victoria's Secret may project the same brand image by dressing models up in sexy lingerie, but we're SELLING that product to go with the image. Women need to buy bras, panties, perfume and handbags, not a $0.99 song or souvenir t-shirt in exchange for keeping secrets for scumbags. 

I'm just a girl who was born and raised in Lex Wexner's multi-billion dollar fashion and beauty brand empire in Columbus, Ohio. I'm nobody famous because record labels don't sell copies of my work with my name. Brand labels sell units and I have about $1 Billion in retail sales I could claim. Our work for Bath & Body Works has never required us to sell our bodies for a raise. Women and gay men are empowered to make money without getting praise.

Women can be bitches when they are your boss, but when an artist leaves it's nobody's loss.




The fashion brand empires are two trillion times bigger than recorded music and tour t-shirt merch deals. Have you ever looked in a woman's closet and found it full of souvenirs? Check out your bathroom where you'll find it full of products that cost more than a $9.99 album cause next month you'll need to replace them. Grab your designer handbag and pumps, go to work and come home and put on your expensive running shoes and performance yoga pants. Then go to your refrigerator and grab a $0.99 bottle of water that costs more than a song. You'll throw it in a landfill and buy another bottle tomorrow and pretend you did nothing wrong. 

Our industry was designed to profit at the planet's expense. There is so much greed over the wrong kind of green. Corporate fat cats are feasting over anything packaged and sold. But these business practices are getting quite old.

Just so you know the entire US Recorded Music Business makes $8 Billion annually while Victoria's Secret is struggling to survive as annual sales slipped from $8 Billion. The retail apocalypse is among us as brands shift to pre-orders to eliminate waste, social media marketing is what influences our taste.

Nike tops the list of US fashion brands with $33 Billion followed by TJMaxx and Marshalls with $32 Billion. Then there are the luxury multi-billion dollar brands that celebrities love to wear but its doubtful they are affordable to fans. So the fast fashion brands knock off what's popular for profit, to sell more units at the expense of the planet.

What about celebrity influence? Is there any revenue difference?

Taylor Swift's 1989 merch business generated approximately $17 per head, which would be about $17 Million for 50 arena shows. It was the highest grossing tour of 2016 with $250 Million.

Since 2012 Jessica Simpson's fashion line has grossed $1 Billion and nobody cares about her name being on their clothes.

In 2016 Kiley Jenner released 10,000 units of a lip gloss, and within 2 years she had a $1 Billion cosmetic company, making her the ultimate Girl Boss.

When it comes to money I know what I'm talking about. Women have sales goals to meet if we want a job to keep. So where is the confusion and lack of communication? I realized it's because music is about taste. If it doesn't click with the consumer there isn't another product to add or replace.

Its 5 to 25 times more expensive to attract a new customer than it is to retain an existing customer. But now music has no monetary value unless it's live and an artist can only be in one place at a time.