January 25, 1999: Congratulations Stephanie!!!

Congratulations Stephanie!!!!

See, not everything goes wrong. You are down here for a reason! And now you are on the right path towards success! You are IN your major and you have what it takes to make it BIG! Just never give up! You have the talent, tolerance, to do what it takes. Just believe in yourself. Everyone else believes in you. Especially me. You are a strong person and I know you will fight your way to the top...what would you be thinking right now if Ben hadn't opened the letter? You'd probably be passed out on the floor. Right? Well maybe you should work on that. You got yourself all worked up for nothing! You've had that letter since Friday for which you believed to say basically yes, or no. Well you panicked for like 24 hours, that the outcome would be negative. But all along while you were hyperventilating, and nearly in a coma, the silly letter said, get this: CONGRATULATIONS!

Hello? If you would've opened it the minute it reached your hands, you would have spent the last 24 hours jumping with joy! Anyways, my point is...was it worth the worry? That's in our nature. But you could've punched "worry" in the face (that's my phase of the week, I think I told you & Ben that like 20 times today). Anyways, worrying serves no purpose. All it does it get in the way. Right? Sure, sometimes we'd rather just assume the worst & worry, but we are wasting our time. We can either worry or take on our fears. If the outcome is negative, we just have to do our best and move on and find another alternative. But if it is positive, well what the hell! Let's Celebrate!

Ahh!! Why the hell am I rambling? Maybe it's because I'm worried about getting in too, and I want to kick myself in the face. By the way, kick me in the face when my letter comes and I have an asthma attack. After all, what the hell am I trying to tell you? The same damn thing I keep telling myself but it doesn't work! Ahhh!! What the hell am I saying? Do you know what? What the FUCK. I'm an idiot! You're home!


Cheetos Rule!

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