December 17, 1998: Aimee...I had a really good time

December 17, 1998


I was just sitting here thinking about last night. I really had a good time going to the Char Bar with you, Kasey and Ben. I hope you did too. I hope it wan't uncomfortable. Trust me, this isn't going to become a habit. It was just kind of nice to have people to go out with. Please let me know your thoughts. I hope Scott wasn't too mad. Can you believe I asked Kasey to live with us? What the hell was I thinking?  


December 18, 1998


Yeah, what the hell! I thought you hated her! How weird. I had a great time being with everyone. Of course I felt a little out of place but it was fun just to hang out and watch you get drunk and stupid. Next time maybe Scott can come and I'll feel a little better about things. But we will start having fun. All of us! I promise!



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