December 3, 1998: Dear Aimee...Great Ideeeeaa!!!

DECEMBER 3, 1998:



Well what can I say? This is a great ideeea! I just wanted to start off by saying if I decide to stay here at Ohio State I will do my very best to make a fresh start. I can't say that I am going to be able to forget about all the stuff that has happened but I will do my very best to get over it. I would give anything in the world for us to be close friends. I wish I could make our friendship like me Alison, Kathy and Holly. Of course no one could take their place in my heart but we have a different kind of friendship. We're cousins, that makes it all the better, right? I think you are right, we both communicate much better through writing. So we need to make a pact. Any time I piss you off or make you laugh or cry, I want to know about it. I think with the both of us working together we can make this friendship work. 

The bottom line is, I want to be a good friend to you. I want you to know that there really are people who care. I don't want to be one of those people who turns their back on you and walks away. I know what you're thinking right now. You are probably saying to yourself if you go back to Kent you are walking away. But if it comes down to that I won't be walking away from you, I'll just be walking towards my future. Aimee I very well may end up staying here. And I know out of the fairness to you I have to make up my mind. I know we came here together and we need to finish together right? That's probably the truth my heart and mind are telling me two very different things. And you know what? I have never ever listened to what my heart tells me. Right now it's telling me to be a Buckeye and to fight for the chance to graduate a Buckeye. I suppose there always is a chance I will listen to my heart after we don't listen to our emotions what are they there for? I think I am getting too philosophical and maybe that's because I am on too damn much medication and I haven't had enough sleep.

Thanks for the gift! This really is a great ideeeea!!!


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