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December 6, 1998: Steph....Ben's Inside Joke

* ACTUAL JOURNAL ENTRY TO MAKE STEPH LAUGH. CONTEXT: Steph and Aimee worked in a Toy Store with a guy named Ben and to pass the time they made up random stories with things that made absolutely no sense. The goal of the game was to blabber and may things as quick as possible and wonder how the mind made up so much weird stuff when not thinking about the words that came out. It often resulted in uncontrollable laughter.

R.I.P. BEN died a few years later from a drug overdose.

Dear Steph,

How was the trip to the airport? Did my dog say if he had a good flight? Does he look good in his new glasses? Hey, did you know that when it gets dark out you can see the stars? Oh, and do you like steak? I thought so, but I wanted to ask anyways. And do you have any ideeeeaaa how in the hell my dog had kittens tomorrow? Probably not, but the juice in the refrigerator is cold. The leaves on the couch are dead. Why is there a cookbook under the bathroom sink? And what are your khaki pants doing hanging up in the food closet? Did you know your nose reveals your character? If so your computer shut down. What was Mary doing in our bathtub last night? She was heating her stupid Ramen noodles out of the pot again.  Air just blew in the window!  And your printer just printed out a picture of a humming bird?  Do you have any ideeeeaaa why Ben is so weird. Maybe it's because his stupid cat Cleo gave birth to a flock of Chickens yesterday. I think he found something good...His cat is a Chicken! 
By the way, I can help you study for Econ Tuesday, but Monday before the exam isn't good for me. Do you need to see my driver's license? I thought you don't need it to buy stickers. Why did the Chicken cross the road? Because he saw his beloved Cleo on the other side. Did you know the neighbors cat wears a bell? It rings every time the TV turns on. My head really hurts! I think the game plan was a floop. I mean Flop. Hehe. Ok I think I did need to find a bigger box! Tomorrow just isn't good. Do you know you almost peed your pants at work? Maybe you can wash your underwear in the dishwasher that we don't have. Oh wait, your sock drawer is full of water. If you run out, feel free to use mine.  Did you think I stalked Eric last night? Nigel guessed your middle name. All three of us looked hilarious. Ben wore a feather duster in the telephone booth today. I told him to clean it but he said David's car door fell off. Jill decided to put Sanrio in with the Safari animals. Is that OK with you? I figured the Science section needed some help. Eric found a lady bug in Winston's mouth. No wait, my ankle was kicked and I found your middle name attached to Winston Church's ear. Do you know if those things really fly? Yesss it's a good toooooyyyy. The ToysRUs giraffe stoped by today or yesterday? Tina said he told her you didn't want to be a Toys R Us kid. Too bad, she can be a Furby, anyway we ran out. Did you know that you can make a bigger tree with more stickers? Yes my pet Elephant is adorable. He's purple too! No, wait! That was my cow! 
I'm sorry, I've just been so confused lately. I don't know what I've been thinking. Am I making sense? If not, why was there an egg shell on the door knob? Just let me know who filled my car with popcorn. I'm going to bed yesterday, wake me up for Hanukkah! Bye now!

- Aimee

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