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November 18, 1998 Dear Steph...I just want to be able to share things

NOVEMBER 18, 1998

Dear Steph,
Well this is kind of my first entry in here, so I don't exactly know where to begin. I just want to be able to share things with you whether it is about some of the roughest times of our lives or good news and a day of happiness or just plain and simple jokes we encounter through out the day. Like, MeSHLONG! Or Good Ole' Airhog, or any other stupid thing. Plants in the sunroof, sex maniac beanie babies, spiders, lady bugs, centipedes, water fights, Armegedon, Something About Mary, Beggar's Night at The Toy Store, "Do you need an idea?", and much much more! Just write it in here! Remember the guy that broke the gate @ OSU?

Well let's just have fun with this book. It doesn't need to be anything serious, just what's on our mind! Well, I hope you have a good Christmas and like all your gifts! Take Care!


P.S. Winston is nasty! Ugly stupid dog!


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