November 18, 1998: Suicide Secrets Sworn to the Grave

** This is an actual journal kept between the Characters, Aimee Skyler and Stephanie Kane. The purpose of this journal was for "AIMEE" to give "STEPHANIE" a way to express her feelings without always needing to be there when she needed to talk. It allowed Aimee to reply when she was able to.

In 1999 Aimee found police in her bedroom looking for a suicide letter that was in one of the journals they shared. The entries from the months leading up to Stephanie's Suicide Attempt are missing because the Police took the journal in April 1999. Stephanie woke in the hospital the morning of Aimee's final exams at Ohio State. The girls started a new journal a month later.

Their friendship was tested with 2 more years of suicide threats and attempts until Stephanie found the right support system through an older friend who had been there before. These are journal entries are being published, word for word, between two girls age 19 and 22, who expressed their feelings before either of them really understood what their futures would hold.

Today they are still Best Friends, although a term that is hard to use after two decades of live changing events as Aimee lost 2 friends to suicide, Jack Christian, an 18 year old son of her best friend Christine Durant and Chad Raines a 39 year old husband and father of two pre-teen girls.


November 18, 1998

Dear Stephanie,
The idea of this gift is that it shall become a journal of friendship between the two of us. I think that it will allow the two of us to become closer, and open up a little more to each other. The words contained in this book will not go beyond our own minds. We will take these secrets to our graves. It will be a book of secrets, stories, feelings and everything else our hearts desire. It may be difficult to keep up and write all of the time, but if we find a minute of our time, just to say hello, I think it will be able to change the way we see things and allow us to let each other know the other cares and that we are always here for each other.

Love Always,

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