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In 2018 The Material Girls out performed the Boys Club by $350 BILLION. Please join The Punk Flamingos on the mission to starve out all the Wolves in Sheep's Clothing the are using their power and influence to sexually harass, abuse and rape women in the Music Industry.

The #MeToo and #TimesUp movements have begun to change the way women in Hollywood and the Music Industry are able to do business in the Boys Club. Women are now able to flock together to share stories about who is up to no good. Men are falling from power and victims are being freed from their shame. Once a woman like Ke$ha speaks up, they are being sued for Defamation of Character. How is are the real wolves going to get caught if the sheep are blamed for crying wolf?

Those of us in the fashion business aren't exactly sure why these men have so much power over women who have so much market influence. We came over to the Club 3 years ago only to find out we weren't welcome so we are calling on the fashion brands to join our fight to free female recording artists.

What if every Woman in Music could capitalize on her own sex appeal by selling the clothing she wears in music videos to the Material Girls? Become a brand advocate and earn up to 50% of the profit from sales generated on Modern Material by your brand image.

First let us tell you a bit about the power imbalance when it comes to the money made in the music business vs. the fashion business and then we will see how the next generation of music + style plays the game when it comes to equal pay.




In 2018 the Music Industry's Boys Club generated $9.8 Billion in Record Music Sales in the US. An industry that prides itself on selling sex, drugs and rock & roll. An industry controlled by men who can manipulate a woman's career to get what they want. Well boys, this is your warning if you think your money can talk.

Girls, welcome to the fashion business. If you're going to be made to dress up as a sex object, you might as well capitalize on it. Last year Victoria's Secret generated $7 Billion after a $3 Billion drop in annual sales and the business we were born into begins to fade away.

The retail industry continues to transition into the era of social media marketing and online shopping. Last year the US sales of Apparel and Accessories sold Online were $102.8 Billion. That's the number our team of fashion experts contribute to, but when we started talking to the music men, nobody seemed to understand how to make money.

Three years ago we wanted to know why the biggest fashion icon in the world, Madonna, was only selling expensive cheap t-shirts on tour. What Material Girl has a wardrobe full of tour t-shirts?

Music has a fixed price and a limited product assortment. $0.99 per song, $9.99 per album, $35.00 per t-shirt and $19.99 - $499 per concert ticket. Digital material gives us every song in the world for $9.99 per month and artists can only open up doors to one store door per day.

We want to ask the Boys Club how their business stacks up against the Material Girls but we aren't allowed to step foot in the kingdom so we are calling on EVERY WOMAN in Music + Entertainment to join the Punk Flamingos to flock together with the Womens Fashion Brand Business. Join us to open a store and we'll see who has the most sales from their material.




Sleeping with the boss doesn't get women jobs in fashion...making hundreds of millions of dollars per month is what protects the bottom line. Our job is to know what women want to wear and how to design and manufacture fashion merchandise for the highest margin or volume business.

My name is Annie and I'm just a girl who was born and raised in Lex Wexner's multi-billion dollar fashion and beauty brand empire in Columbus, Ohio. I'm nobody famous because record labels don't sell copies of my work with my name. Brand labels sell millions of units and I have about $1 Billion in retail sales I could claim.

Our work for Victoria's Secret and Bath & Body Works has never required us to sell our bodies for a raise. In our industry women and gay men are empowered to make money without getting praise. If we want to quit we can, but most of the money is going to the man. As a commercial artist I am disposable to a brand, no matter how many units of my designs sit on store shelves at Target or Walmart.




Music is priceless but it has no material value. The Major Labels are cranking out star power but what exactly are they selling? A free music video on YouTube? A subscription to Spotify? Pop stars becoming fashion icons every time they create a music video but why are they only selling expensive generic t-shirts?

That's because the Boys Club made a 360 Degree Business Deal with Merch Companies which are promotional screen printers. A $35 Tour T-shirt costs about $5.00 per unit after the screen printer buys a $2.00 t-shirt from a wholesale supplier who paid $0.50 per unit to a factory in China. Meanwhile we can go shopping at H&M and get a Gucci knock off jacket for $35.



Apparently the Boys have never taken a look inside a woman's closet to understand what she wants to buy. Does anyone have a wardrobe full of souvenir t-shirts? When a woman says she has nothing to wear, that means she needs an excuse to spend her money on something new. She's probably not going shopping on a merch store web site.

Check out your bathroom where you'll find it full of dozens of products that cost more than a $9.99 album. Next month you'll need to replace them but you'll have an album forever. Or just sign up and pay $9.99 per month for every album ever recorded.

Grab your $500 designer handbag and pumps for the office, come home and put on your expensive running shoes and performance yoga pants for the gym. Just press play and you can listen to free music all day.

Go to your refrigerator and grab a $0.99 bottle of water that costs more than a song. You'll drink it in 10 minutes then throw it in a landfill and buy another bottle tomorrow and pretend you did nothing wrong. You'l get your $3.99 cup of coffee every morning while jamming out to the latest song you love.

The apparel and consumer product goods industry was designed to profit at the planet's expense. There is so much greed over the wrong kind of green. Corporate fat cats are feasting over anything that can be packaged and sold. But these business practices are getting quite old.

The retail apocalypse is among us as brands shift to pre-orders to eliminate waste and social media marketing is what influences our taste.

Nike tops the list of US fashion brands with $33 Billion in annual sales followed by TJMaxx and Marshalls with $32 Billion. Then there are the luxury multi-billion dollar brands that celebrities love to wear but its doubtful they are affordable to a majority of their fans. So the fast fashion brands knock off what's popular for profit to sell more units at the expense of the planet.

What about celebrity influence? Is there any revenue difference?

Taylor Swift's 1989 merch business generated approximately $17 per head, which would be about $17 Million for 50 arena shows. It was the highest grossing tour of 2016 with $250 Million.

Since 2012 Jessica Simpson's fashion line has grossed $1 Billion annually and nobody cares about her name being on their clothes.

In 2016 Kiley Jenner released 10,000 units of a lip gloss, and within 2 years she had a $1 Billion cosmetic company, making her the ultimate Girl Boss.

When it comes to money I know what I'm talking about, but the music industry has no interest in investing money to make money. They want to get paid upfront to endorse a brand rather than building their own brand.

In the retail industry we have sales goals to meet if we want a job to keep. So where is the confusion and lack of communication? We don't have to build a larger fan base, we need to build a larger product assortment. Keep customers coming back for more.

Its 5 to 25 times more expensive to attract a new customer than it is to retain an existing customer. But now music has no monetary value unless it's live and an artist can only be in one place at a time. 


The bottom line is there is the music business has nothing left on the bottom line. I believe if every woman in the music business can start selling everything she's wearing on her body, the Boys Club will no longer have the power to abuse a woman's body.





2016 / 2017 REVENUE STUDY


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