Modern Material is an interactive Lifestyle Brand Community. Our purpose is to provide a destination to help align you align the stars to find your soul mates. From teenagers who get labeled based on their social status to adults still struggling from their mistakes from 20 years ago, we are all searching for signs that will lead us on the right path.

Some of us our dealing with heartbreak from a loved one's death and some of us are dealing with the anger of a loved one's betrayal. Do we go about our days dwelling on our sorrow or do we power through them so quickly nobody else can keep up so we leave behind a trail of broken hearts?

As our storylines unfold, your lives will be told In Character as members give advice, words of encouragement or share cautionary tales. Perhaps our Characters and their friends will be able to relate to your experiences too.



Our Story of Modern Material based on real people, personalties, places and events but names and some storylines have been changed to protect identities and provide privacy to those who do not want to live in the public eye. The storylines for each character will be told by our members and digital content will be created for collaborative contests before going into the series production.

Anyone can join in on the conversations while we are writing and editing the stories together. Actors and actresses can begin posting audition tapes on social media for each Character role and Brand Advocates will begin raising money for the production by selling curated boxes for the Character's wardrobes.

The production funding goal will need to be achieved by the end of 2019 before production begins in Los Angeles in 2020.




Brand Advocates will be recruiting designers and selling subscription boxes to the wardrobes, accessories, home decor and personal care products that will be featured in the production of the series. Boxes will ship when each season is released so you can have the cool new outfit Aimee or her friends are wearing in the episode.





Modern Material was founded in 2005 by Annie Weihrauch, and advertising & graphic design graduate from Columbus College of Art & Design. After spending several years working inside Les Wexner's Limited Brands as a packaging designer for Bath & Body Works and supporting manufacturing companies, Annie decided to start her own web store in 2008. She began collaborating with indie musicians to promote both music + style. 

While eating pizza with a couple of guys in a band who came into the office to hang out with their friend, Annie had this feeling they were going to be Rock Stars someday. She invited Tyler and Josh to join the second promotion for Modern Material and they helped promote a collegiate sports brand she designed called Campus Couture. While Twenty One Pilots performed in front of a small crowd wearing sports t-shirts for a charity bash, Annie felt like the dark sentiments in the lyrics needed a brand that defined our lives outside the Go Team, Go! spirit of college athletics.

Having erased her former identity as an athlete who only hung out with the jocks, Annie wanted to create a new culture and camaraderie among music fans. She met a mother 17 years older than her who had 3 boys, her oldest 17. Their love for 90's grunge bands bonded them instantly. Annie was a Gavin Girl, Jamie was an Eddie Girl, but they were both Chris Girls. In March 2007 Zach took his life. Having understood the feeling of being someone's reason to die, Annie was determined to help a mother survive, creating Modern Material as a distraction from all her pain. A reason to keep going. A way to turn the burden into a bond. She had the opportunity to be a better friend than she was to her friend in college.

In 1999 Annie was 19 when she found Columbus Police in her bedroom looking for her roommate's suicide letter. It was written in the journal Annie gave her to keep their secrets that were sworn to the grave. She didn't realize it was going to become a literal statement that would be taken by police as evidence. Her friend lived but the threats continued for the next two years until Aimee was no longer the friend answering the distress call when she couldn't relate.

Annie's fashion line landed her and her husband in Los Angeles in 2014 when she got caught up in the music industry for three years. It completely destroyed their marriage and personal finances after investing everything into a business that she had been promised by very influential figures in music. She realized being a woman was her only mistake.

Annie was raised like a boy. One of the best Junior Olympians of her time, earning 214 awards for all her hard work for her father and their family legacy of breeding professional athletes. Annie was nicknamed Doug when she turned six years old and she only had one job to do: Win.

When she was 13 she found out both of her parents were having affairs and took care of her 10 year old brother and 90 year old grandpa while learning how to have a relationship with her own 16 year old boyfriend with a car. When her stepfather moved in he made all of the rules that Annie was determined to break. Her 2 year bedroom sentence was the result of sneaking out of the house almost every weekend.

The summers of 1995 and 1996 gave her the chance to free herself from all the heartbreak of the lies and cheating but she only carried on the family tradition as one boy after the next competed for her attention. The more popular, successful or harder to catch, the bigger the Championship, but by the time she turned 17 she fell from grace and turned her entire town against her for getting involved with a 24 year old college student who's fiancé lived 3 blocks away while her boyfriend went back to school out of state. The emotional distress from the bullying, shame, broken hearts and suicide threats put her in a deep depression. She was counting down the days to June 23, 1998 when she could move to Columbus, Ohio where nobody knew her. Back then it was possible to create a new identity if you never told the new people in your life who you once were.

Annie wanted to major in Psychology or Sociology but her experiences proved she wasn't capable of caring for other people. Blocking out trauma was Annie's defense mechanism as she learned how to quickly forget and move on from all the painful experiences. 

Suicide prevention is Annie's number one goal after spending 20 years providing support for friends and family members. Unable to emotionally connect to people because of her own anger and abandonment issues, Annie created Modern Material as a distraction and bandaid without being a shoulder to cry on.  After she and her husband lost one of their best friends and former neighbor to suicide, Chuck Riley, just weeks before Chris Cornell's suicide, Annie knew what her mission was....however the music industry refused to help her.

Now struggling to repair her marriage and relationships with her family and friends, Annie decided it was time to tell her story, not just her friends' stories.

Her friend Shannon Riley (MM: Shelby Raines) will join her as an advocate for mental health and suicide prevention and Staley Munroe as an advocate for Transgender and L.G.B.T.Q. rights in America.



MM Characters are inspired by people and experiences but names and storylines have been shifted around to protect the identities of anyone facing social sigmas, regrets and emotional trauma. Her purpose is open up her life to the world in hopes to change society's view of suicide, women, and LGBTQ members among many other communities to be explored in the future.

The MM Characters will Moderate the Storylines but the Chapters in our books are up to you to write without your Character being judged by your covers.