The future of Modern Material begins in 2020 and you are invited to participate in the disruption of social standards, business practices, material consumption and mental health.

My name is Annie Weihrauch {y•ROCK} and I founded Modern Material in March 2005 when I realized my dream designing album covers was no longer a viable career path. I'd been a Junior Olympic champion since age six with more than 200 awards in Track & Field and Cross Country before I turned 18. Winning was the only family value instilled in me but my natural talent was that of an artist. 

My emotions began to get the best of me when I was 16. I was no longer making sports headlines because I was too distracted thinking about the boys I was making out with. I came from a family with no rules or supervision while my parents were both having affairs before I turned 14 and I was taking care of my 11 year old brother and 89 year old grandpa. After making dinner for them my 16 year old boyfriend would pick me up for dinner with his family and to practice Under The Bridge by Red Hot Chili Peppers on his electric guitar. We spent many weekends alone in my basement after my father was kicked out and my mom left town to see her boyfriend. When she married him and moved him into my family home to assume the role as my father, my teenage rebellion landed me a three year sentence to my bedroom.

My boyfriends and best friends were the jocks and star athletes. The more successful the more my father would approve as our family was born and raised to win. Second could always be first. First could always be faster. Faster could always go farther. Further could always be run more frequently. Nothing would ever be good enough to be told I love you or I'm proud of you. Words of praise don't push an athlete to achieve greatness, they teach you that it's ok to settle.

I am addicted to the thrill of the chase. Winning something I can't reach and if I lose I practice until I blow the competition out of the water. Nothing is better than a great rivalry because the thirst to succeed only guarantees that I will win if I don't give up. I have one goal in mind: To change the way society judges our character without bothering to get to know our story. 

My story is traumatic and intense but my supporting characters don't want their lives to be judged by their mistakes. I have a way of bulldozing through relationships and tragedies like they never mattered. You win some and you lose some. That's the athlete's mentality but the artist side of me struggles to stay focused on the finish line because I get bored running laps.