YEAR: 1995 - 1996

AGE: 18

RELATIONSHIP: Aimee's Crush (June 1995 - June 1996) / Dated 2 weeks


In June 1995 Aimee Skyler and her friends began hanging out with Tim Becker, Brendon Benson and their friends. The "Jocks" in the class above them. Erica Henson had a major crush on Tim so she tried my best not to like him either. It was really hard until Aimee met Jason Kenny but then Tim admits in her 1995 yearbook that he had a crush on her. So did Brendon so she brushed it off as the Jocks competing for a touch down.

After Jason broke up with Aimee in November 1995, Tim started asking her to hang out. It was never an official date but the went to see the movie Scream and Aimee really just wanted to scream at him for not at least holding her hand during all of the horror. He'd also invite her over to watch movies in his bedroom. There was definitely tension between the two but perhaps Aimee wasn't sending him any signals.

When Tim finally asked Aimee out in June 1996 she was excited but in ran Chad Lyons. That guy who's photo she had not forgotten. 






YEAR: 1996

AGE: 21

RELATIONSHIP: Aimee's Boyfriend (June 1996 - Aug 1997)


In June 1995 Aimee Skyler met Chad Lyons at the State Track meet with Brad Hansen, her childhood friend who she just started dating. All the girls on the team had a crush on Chad. It was love at first sight for Aimee but she didn't think she would ever see Chad again. She had a few pictures in her photo album and Brad and Rochelle's mom had an album which she called The Book of Chad. Aimee wanted to see it every time she stopped by the Hansen home.

In May 1996 Aimee saw Chad at Rochelle's graduation party and found out he was staying for the summer. She and her friends started seeing him around town with the boys from her dad's 1993 Dream Team. Chad was an even better runner than Brad

He asked out Aimee at the pool in June and she couldn't be more excited. What he really interested in her? There was only one problem. She just started dating her crush, Tim Becker, who was away on vacation in Arizona. 







YEAR: 1996

AGE: 23

RELATIONSHIP: Aimee's future husband


In the summer of 1996 Aimee Skyler's friends begin working with Scott Whitman at Donny's Pizza. She's had a crush on him since he dated a girl from her church a decade earlier. Scott is the most popular College athlete in town and all of Aimee's friends on the soccer team have a crush on him or work with him, but she's jealous because she's never met him.

Scott has been dating Shannon Sanderson for the last 3 years and she will be a Freshman at Bluestone College. He is planning on asking Shannon to marry him in the fall. Aimee's boyfriend, or summer fling, Chad Hansen, had just gone back to College in North Caroline. She wasn't confident she would ever see him again.

At the end of September Scott and Aimee met at a party at Andrea Luden's house and sparks fly. Aimee was there for a sleepover while her parents were out of town and Scott and his friends stayed until the we hours of the morning. The two of them just made out but the next day the guilt began to overcome time.