Modern Material is designed to change the way we think, create, make, market, distribute and monetize new material. Our collaborative concept allows customers to buy new material before it is made and sell old material that won't be made again.



Our goal is to minimize inventory and marketing costs by developing a collaborative crowdfunding platform to release new designs before they are materialized and let customers resell things before they buy more things.

Creating a sustainable products with a business model that fulfills our desire to buy new things, is our goal for the fashion industry. 



We are a small team of designers, fashion buyers and product developers with more than 20 years of experience producing thousands of products for dozens of the biggest retailers in the world. While shopping shifts to crowdfunding new ideas on Kickstarter or Indiegogo, we believe in releasing our designs before they are developed.

Members will get to learn more about how their products are made when we document our journey from designing, sourcing suppliers and manufacturers, developing a prototype, marketing a brand and selling our product. You'll always be in the know of what is coming next, allowing members to save up to 50%.



Our products are designed, sourced and produced with global manufacturers. We also offer wholesale and private label services to our retail partners.



Our marketing strategies will develop collaborations online, in store and on tour. Members can participate by inviting their friends to join Modern Material and earn $10 in store credit. 



As the internet changes the way people shop for new material, it also makes it easier to sell things before we make things and resell the things we don't want anymore. We believe in building a sustainable business model that will prevent the excessive manufacturing of material things simply because people are addicted to buying new things. 



New designs will be released as a Limited Run Pre-Order then resold by members on Modern Material. Exclusive collections are available for online and in store collaborations.



Brick + Mortar retailers are having a harder time getting people to shop in-store but the in-store experience of holding a product in person can't become a forgotten way of shopping for the latest style. Participating retailers will be able to offer exclusive collections that can only be found in stores.



In 2016 Kylie Jenner released 10,000 units of her Lip Kit online. It sold out in 10 minutes and the brand grew to nearly $1 Billion in 2 years.

Limiting the amount of material that we release will help our customers retain value for their purchase. If their items are like new, they will be able to buy new material and sell old material on Modern Material.



Our services and wholesale catalog can only be accessed with a client account. Please contact us for more information.


Customers can sign up for an annual membership that will give them 50% off Pre-Orders during the first week of release. They will also be able to resell Modern Material and continue buying next season, ultimately trading merchandise.

Because Members are the only ones able to purchase merchandise at 50% off, they will be able to resell used merchandise for the same price they paid. We will take a small commission fee from reselling our products.

Designs will only be available for a limited time only, so they will be hard to find. Retailers will also be carrying exclusive prints that won't be sold online. The harder it is to find print, the more valuable designs might become. 

Members will also receive $10 in store credit for every friend they refer. 



It takes approximately 12 months to materialize designs before they hit store shelves. We are currently selling memberships and taking wholesale orders while we develop our designs. Our estimated timeline is to release Pre-Orders in June and ship the first collection to customers in October. Meanwhile you can start voting on social media to help us determine which designs to release.