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Become a Brand Ambassador for The Punk Flamingos and save 30% if you Pre-Order by April 1st.

STATEMENT: The Biker Jacket is the ultimate symbol of Independence. Flock Together this Fall wearing our Exclusive Punk Flamingos Biker Jacket.

STATUS: This design is has not been materialized yet. Samples will be made this Spring for The Punk Flamingos to Promote. Brand Ambassadors will earn 20% sales commission. This style must meet a minimum order of 500 units before it is produced.

Design Details: This will be the Signature Jacket for The Punk Flamingos, with strategically designed sleeves to show our symbol of strength. This style will be made with a distressed waxed metallic canvas for a unique, edgy look.

We will show you the behind the seams footage while we develop and manufacture this design.

Brand Label: The Punk Flamingos by Modern Material

Designer: xo,yROCK

Release: Winter 2019 

Production Requirement: 500 Units

Country: TBD