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SS19 ROXSTAR TANK: Rainbow Revolt Logo | Made in LA

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RELEASE: Summer 2019* 


STATEMENT: FLOCK YOU is printed with Bronze Rhinestud embellishments

STYLE: This open side tank top has a soft bamboo cotton front size and black mesh backside. The sides are trimmed in black with bronze ball chain for a sophisticated, slightly feminine finish. Wear over a bralette or tank top for a sexy look.

SIZE: Unisex sizing

BRAND: The Punk Flamingos


DEVELOPMENT: This style has been developed in the Los Angeles garment district. Materials are imported from China and this style will be cut, sewn and printed in Los Angeles 

MINIMUM RUN: A total of 500 units (various graphics) must be pre-ordered before this item will be produced.

MANUFACTURING: This garment will be produced in Los Angles after it meets the minimum production run. 

PRICING: Minimum wage for a garment factory worker is $12 per hour in Los Angles vs $2 per hour in China. If this design is popular it will be reproduced with foreign manufacturers and offered for $45.00 instead of $125.00

* If Pre-Orders do not meet factory minimum requirements before May 31st, this purchase will be fully refunded.