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SWORN TO THE GRAVE by Kenzie Kitzen + Stephanie Kane

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Sworn to the Grave by Kenzie Kitzen + Stephanie Kane is based on the true story of their letters, emails and secret suicide journal that was given to the Columbus police in 1999 after Stephanie Kane's second hospitalization for attempting suicide. After repeatedly leaving voicemails that Stephanie was going down to the Olentangy River to drown herself, Kenzie began to stop believing that Stephanie would actually die. In November 1998 she gave Stephanie a journal and asked her to write down her thoughts any time she felt the need to release her emotions so she didn't have to worry about answering her distress call. The girls made a pact to be as honest as possible about their lives and they swore their secrets to the grave. Kenzie just didn't realize how quickly she would be faced with Stephanie's possible death while they were students at The Ohio State University.

After Stephanie woke up at the OSU hospital and spent a week in the Psych ward, Aimee sent her an email venting her anger for being a burden to her:

"Last week I had plans to bust my ass for finals but then something terrible and unexpected happened. The next thing I knew there were about 8 cops and 4 paramedics in our apartment. I then sat in the waiting room at the ER till the wee hours of the morning. Finally I made it home to sleep for a few hours, and then get up to take two exams. Neither of which I was able to study for. I failed my math and got a C instead of an A in ID on the final. It was then that I realized another thing. You still did not need me. There you were, lying in the hospital, having just tried to end your life.

The journal, which I had to give to the cops, had a few short thank you and I'm sorry messages. They were to your family and to Jan and Ted and Jackie and Don. Then I realized I was right and Danielle was wrong. You didn't need or want me in your life."

- Kenzie Kitzen | April 8, 1999